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Kids Mega Market Sale

Hi, Just wanted to share that there will be a huge kids mega market sale coming up at woodvale ba...

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Lonely kiwi mummy new to OZ with three children ages 1,2,3

Hi Ladies Our family is very new to perth, we moved to Australia in Febuary. We have three young...

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Hi there my name is Angie I have a 3 yo that I share custody with the ex and one on the way I don't do a lot during the week or...


Moving to clarkson in a month

Hi all I'm 25 have a 3yo daughter and 11mo son and am moving to clarkson in a month looking ...

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Hi one responded still searching for a group or just mums to catch up with


Young Mums NOR

Hi there im 18 and have a 7 month old son. Im recently married we are living in perth but are fro...

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Hi I am 26 and have a 1yr old and a 3 yr old and I am new to clarkson. Pm me if u wanna catchup.


New mums group in Quinns Rocks

A mothers group for new mums of all ages in Quinns Rocks and all surrounding suburbs. Mums from a...

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Hi I have a 1yr old and a 3 yr old and I am new to clarkson. Pm me if u wanna catchup.


NARROGIN mummmies!!

Hi I have been a member on here for 6 years now, but haven't been on in a while. Anyway I ha...

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Hi, I have 3 children also, but unfortunately I live 40 mins from you, I occasionally go to Narrogin, would love to catch up one day...


Babies born after fertility treatments in Perth

Hi Ladies, I'm a journalist looking for some Mums in Perth to interview for a story,who have...

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Hi Unique 1. I caot private message you as you are not following me. Could you please send me an email to


first time mum new SOR perth

hi, I am 13 weeks pregnant with my first and struggling to find firends in same or similar posit...

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Hi Emmalouise2418, I'm also SOR and expecting our first - just turning 19 weeks. I've also been looking for antenatal clas...


Forest Crescent Primary in Forest Lakes...Any thoughts?

Would love to hear from anyone with any thoughts or experiences they've had about Forest Cre...

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Primary Schools Kelmscott (Kelmscott PS and Clifton Hills PS)

I am currently looking at enrolling my son in kindergarten for next year and apart from being clu...

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Is there a pregnancy support group in perth or a mothers group?

Hello, I'm 25+2 pregnant and my partner works FIFO so I'm feeling a little lonely as we...

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Hi were in perth are you. im 13 weeks and fairly new to perth so know how you feel x


New Midwifery Clinic at Rockingham

Hi everyone, have just been to the awesome new Woodbridge Womens Clinic near Rockingham Hospital ...

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Kidz Quip - New business

Hi All, I am a mum of 3 little darlings starting a business from home. I hire out child restrain...

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we now have a web page and FB page if you would like to check us out Thanks


First time pregnant

Hey there, this is my first pregnancy, I am 16 weeks. I need to go for an ultrasound to measure t...

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CONGRATS!!! thats awesome! good luck with your pregnancy.


Nice areas in perth to bring up kids in a safe, friendly environment help :)

Hi we are wanting to find out what the nice areas of perth are to bring up children, not too expe...

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We live in serpentine, only 10mins to kwinana fwy, 1 hr drive to Perth city. You would love Baldivis, 15mins away, fantastic Suburb ...


Perth Midwifery Students seeking CCE's

Hello, My name is Molly, and I am posting on behalf of the 2013 Midwifery cohort for the Univer...

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Mum & Bubs Fitness Classes

Hi Ladies, My name is Olivia, I run Mum & Bubs fitness classes in the Hillarys area. The Mum...

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Need a bit info on moving down under with baby

Hello, we are looking to move to perth with our baby girl but are unsure of the procedure, if we ...

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New mums group in Rockingham area?

Aloha! I am 28 years old and my little buddah is 3 1/2 months old. Is a bit hard as friends with...

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Awesum! I think we will head to rhyme time cause rayden loves music! See you then on Wednesday


Playgroups/Mothers groups in or around Armadale

Hi, Just wondering if there is any playgroups or mothers groups in or around Armadale, I have an...

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Obs at sjog Murdoch Lock

Hi I am 7 weeks pregnant with my first child and would love some recommendations for hbf prefer...

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Hi Guys Please note that I have locked your above thread from the forum, as we choose not to allow negative comments on the site re...


Padbury mums or close

hi to all the mummies out there! hope your darlings are behaving themselves. sleeping throughout ...

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Hi, Im moving to perth in clarkson in a month. I am 25 have a 3yo girl and a 11mo boy. Im looking for a group/s to join if intere...


Young mums in Joondalup area

Hi all, Looking to meet other mums! I am 20 years old and living in Currambine. I moved to Pert...

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Hi, Im moving to perth in clarkson in a month. I am 25 and have a 3yo girl and a 11mo boy. Im looking for a group/s to join if in...


Mercy / SJOG - obstetrician/hospital advice

HI Mums I had my first DD in Melbourne and are now planning baby number two. Need some advice on...

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Thank you


Perth mummies to be

Hi All you Perth mummies top be out there. We have a facebook group called Perth mums and mums to...

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Hi, I'm Katy & 22 weeks pregnant with my first bub, due on the 15th June. Super excited & would love to join your fa...


New to Edgewater/Joondalup

Hi. I've just moved over to Edgewater Joondalup from England with my little 2 year old boy who is...

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Hi ladies, Sorry not been on site recently. Thanks for messages. I'm free for coffee next Tuesday afternoon when my son is at nurse...


Perth NOR - New Mothers/Play group 2013

Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is a good mothers/play group in Perth NOR that is starting ...

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Hi Leah n Lauren I'm a 28 year old stay at home mum to a 5 1/2 month old boy would love to catch up with some other mums too and hav...


Young mums Joondalup area?

Hi, I have just moved over from Scotland last week and I have an 18 mont old son. Looking to meet...

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Hi, my names Ashlyn, I'm 19 and have just moved over from Sydney and have a 15 month old little boy. I'd love to meet some other you...


Swan Districts

Has anyone had their baby at Swan Districts Hospital and if so, what are they like? I have had a ...

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I started my pregnancy at Swan Districts but they stuffed me around so much with my appointments I ended up leaving. They were quite...


Awaiting a response from Joondalup Hospital

Hi everyone I was just wondering if its normal to be waiting so long for an appointment at the an...

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I had my oldest child there in 2005 before i moved to Queensland they were wonderful. I tried calling the clinic but there was a rec...


Perth Removalists for Hire

Hire the right removal company in Perth that can carry out the entire task off office and house r...

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Student midwife seeking pregnant ladies of Perth :)

Hi there, My name is Elli. I'm a Registered Nurse and have just finished the first semester of m...

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Info / Advice wanted for the Wanneroo / Joondalup area please

Hi Everyone We have just moved to Wanneroo and I was after some info or advice on a few things. F...

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I take my daughter to swimming lessons at Craigie Leisure. I wasn't very impressed with her lessons at Aquamotion, it was like goin...


Single and pregnant

I'm single and pregnant in Perth and just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation who'...

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Young mums in rockingham

Hey mummies!!! I have made a group on fb for all the young mums in the rockingham area only have ...

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Hey im from new zealand im due with my 1st on the 6/4/13 and im 20 years old. Can i join the group even tho im from mandurah?


Young Mums Mandurah

Hi there, I'm looking for young mummys in the MANDURAH/PEEL region who would like to join and be ...

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I have added the page im due with my first on 6/4/13 an i live in mandurah


hey ladies

Hi im 20years old and due 6/4/13 with my first. I live mandurah and was wondering if any new mums...

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Just south of perth

Mum of Sophie

Mums SOR - Thornlie, Canning Vale etc

Hi all, I am a 37 year old mum with a 7 month old daughter, looking to meet other mums in Thornli...

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Hi There, not sure if you still looking for friends/mum. I'm Sophie and I am 22 and have a 6 months old daughter. I just moved from...


Mothers Group in Rockingham Perth please

Hello my name is Ann and I am a stay at home mum. Would love to go to a play group to meet other ...

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Replied on the Rockingham and surronds thread for you