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Young Mums Group Cairns. Rss

My name is Courtney Im 23, married and have a 21 month old and a 10 week old. Both little girls.

My husband and I moved here in January and I have no family or friends up here so I am REALLY bored and would love some adult contact. I would really like to start or join a mothers group with some mums around my own age. If anyone is interested in meeting up and making a few new friends, please send me an email

Courtney QLD

Hi Courtney

Why not contact playgroup queensland - they'll give you locations of playgroups in Cairns and you can go along until you find a playgroup you like.

I'm in Cairns also - you could also have a look in the free Cairns paper I think it's the Cairns Sun playgroups/mothers groups often advertise there too!

Good luck


QLD Mum of 5

hi courtney im trisha i live in Edmonton(south Cairns) im only 18 but its sounds like a great idea i used to go to a mothers group called PIPs (parents in pratice) there we girls who ranged from 16 to 21... its run by Centrecare... its not currently going but im pretty sure will be starting up again soon
I've been to a playgroup a few times, but havent really enjoyed it. The one i went to had mums aged in their late 30's and they had all known each other for around 4 years since they all had their first child at around the same time. So It wasnt really something that I enjoyed. (No offence to people who enjoy playgroups, it just wasnt for me)

Courtney QLD

Hey Courtney

Come and join my mum's group. We meet Tuesdays, normally at my place and we have a ball- we actually focus on the mums while the kids play. I also have a playgroup on Fridays, where the focus is then on the kids. I love my mum's group, we chat, do scrapbooking, do art, have theme days, drink coffee and eat plenty of choccy biscuits! I will message you with details if you are interested. We'd love to see you there!


I know what you mean about playgroups - I kept going to one because I knew a few mums from when my first 2 were born but then I could catch up with them anytime. Now that i have 4 kids I find going to playgroups where people don't know me a bit too difficult because all 4 go off in different directions and I spend the whole time worrying what everyone is doing!

Maybe community health can give you some ideas? They've got offices all over Cairns. Or visit Maze Mania or the new one opening soon in Edmonton called Squeekers or hang out at Muddies or the Pirate Ship at the north end of the esplanade? I know Hambledon House in Edmonton have a range of activities on offer, I'm sure there'd be something you might be interested in.

I guess when you're new to the community you've just got to be patient and try to find out as much about what's going on as you can!

Good luck!

QLD Mum of 5

HI all we are meetin at Muddies on wednesday the 3rd of october ... if u wanna come along...around 9:30-10...PM me for details
Hi kochy,

I'd also love to come to your mothers group. I recently just moved back to cairns and have been to a few mothers groups but have not enjoyed them. Looking for a nice social catch up with other Young mums.

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