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Brisbane mum moving to Townsville Lock Rss

Hey everyone... please help... my husband has been offered a job at cannington mine so we are relocating to Townsville, probably by the end of the month and I have not even visited Townsville. Can anyone please tell me what its like? Any information would be really apprieciated as hubby will be working on site I will have to orientate myself and my two little angels (1&4). I have to admit it is all a little daunting but also very exciting!!
Townsville, well I love the place, doesn't have anything to do with the fact i was born here ...haha. It all depends on what you are looking for. Townsville is big enough for me without being too big. There are a few bigger shopping centers and lot of little ones with coles, woolies etc dotted around the place. In summer it gets quite hot and muggy. It is the muggyness that is the killer. Definately A/C for the summer months. Winter well we dont really have a winter (the exception of this year) at night it does cool down to low double and single didgets but during the days it is rather nice and you can wear all your summer clothing.

What information were you looking for?

Hello I also moved to Townsville from Brisbane about 18 mths ago for my hubbies work (not mines or military). What part of Brisbane are you from?

I always thought I was a summer person until I moved to the humidity is unbelievable. You will find your power bill in summer around $500. That is what the average is when you ask people. So what you save on your winter power bill you lose on the summer one. The price of housing is exactly the same as Brisbane regardless if you are buying or renting. My advice is to find a place with air conditioning and a pool... trust me it is the only way you will survive summer here. If you are moving up here now then that would be great as it will give you time to climatise slowly. When you speak to other Brisbanite's who live here they tell me it takes a few years to get use to the heat. It has been beautifully cold this winter, just gorgeous. The poor Townsville people are freezing and not enjoying it. I love much nicer then being wet with sweat.

But Townsville is a pretty place especially if you are near the Strand. Its about an hr from Charters Towers, Ayr and Ingham. They have some beautiful beaches and things. Bowen is a few hours and have breathtaking beaches. The Whitsundays are only a drive away as is Cairns and Port Douglas. Its 17hrs straight drive to Brisbane. We have a domestic airport so its an hour flight and as you know the cost of flying these days are pretty cheap. We have most of everything Brisbane has the only exception is Brisbane has Myer, David Jones and an International airport and Townsville does not. We have private and public hospitals and of course some fantastic schools. The cost of living is about the same although petrol is usually a few cents more.

I am not sure exactly what you are wanting to know but I hope that helps.

OOOOPSSSS... nearly forgot to mention we also have.... The Cowboys!! Yes Townsville is very patriotic to the Cowboys and go all out to support them. But in saying that Townsville is very sports orientated, pretty much any type of sports.. soccer, netball, softball, cricket,basketball,rugby, swimming etc. We have the Croc's basketball team. They are just about finished building a huge top of the range AFL field that they are hoping will attract professional cricket matches as well. We nearly secured a professional soccer team but missed out. Townsville people are pretty much into fitness full stop.

Townsville is surrounded by lots of hills and moutains. They have 2 major ones around the town and that was how I found my way around. One side of town you have Castle Hill (its tradition to walk up and down this.. you will see what I mean when you see it) and the other side is Mount Stuart. No matter where you go you can just about see one or the other. I used them as landmarks to find my way around and that worked. I would work out where I wanted to go and which hill/mountain it was near and look up and drive towards that hill Dont tell them you are from Brisbane and you are lost or you will NEVER live it I know.. Also dont ask for a referdex or street directory as they dont have them. This is printed in the phone book believe it or not (yep for free!) so just take the phone book with Talking of phone books we only have 1 yellow pages and thats attached to the white pages..yep.. one phone book is all you need.

They call Townsville the twin cities as we have Townsville and Thuringowa side by side. They are run by different councils hence 2 Mayors. Although its all Townsville technically.. dont confuse the 2 or watch The government are trying to force an amalagamation of the 2 but it has mixed feelings of people around here. Some cant see why it was split in the first place while others think never the twang shall meet.

We also have a lovely old tea house on Herveys Range which is about 20mins out of Townsville. This was on Sunrise the other morning. They are famous for importing a coffee bean that comes out of cat poo...serious! Aparently there is a cat like creature who lives in the jungle that eats the ripe berries off the tree. Once eaten apparently the bitterness is taken out of the bean through the process of being digested. This is what they make the coffee out of. They say it is the most smoothest coffee you will ever have and leaves a chocolate like after taste. But before you go and get too excited the price.. $50 a cup! I dont drink coffee so I have never tasted it but if anyone has please let us know your thoughts.

Townsville is a laid back town.. no peak hour or traffic jams here. Nothing happens in a hurry here, just try to remember that when that stresses you out and coming from Brisbane it Seriously though...its a wonderful life. But above all Townsville is what you make it.

Thats my thoughts on the town.
Wow Calebsmum, That is a faboulous discription of the place. It shows you how you really dont look around you when you have nearly been here forever.

It definately is what you make of it!

Hey ya,
We moved up here to Townsville last xmas for DH for work, we came from Tassie, and i think Townsville is a beautiful place, i love it here, i dont really no many places up here yet though.....
We should look at meeting up or something when u get up here if ur interested as i still dont no many ppl up here yet either...

Talk soon..

If u want to add me to msn my addy is [email protected]

Talk to u soon
all the best with the move....
Yeah I agree totally with what the others hav said of townsville!!! I live south of Townsville and have been here since Feb this year and i love it!! I came from VIC!!
Townsville is a great place!! If anyone wants to chat my addy is [email protected]

Hope to talk to u soon!!! LoL I don't know many ppl around here yet!!


Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

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