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Young mums group around Noosa - Sunshine Coast?? Lock Rss

Hi Im 25 and looking for the same thing. I have a 4 1/2 yr old and im 30wks preggars. Would be interested in trying to start one if your interested. My sister also she has a soon to be one yr old. Know how it feels. Or am i to old lol!!
Martee - Jaedyn 41/2 edd 18/8/07
Hi girls we are having a get together at Sunshine Plaza tomorrow (wed 13th) at the coffee shop next to KFCat 10am if you are interested come along for a chat. Oh I'm Melissa and I'm 24 and have a 1year old son Rhyan. Hopefully will meet you on Wed.
I know these are from five years ago how did you go with finding a group in the noosa area I'm new to the area and dont know anyone
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