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Another Toowoomba Mum Lock Rss

Dag!!!!!! tongue

Rebecca, QLD, mummy to 2 boys

I'm back too!

Well, there has been some posting going on since I was here last!

Just to refresh those who don't know me...I Nadine aswell and I am 26yr and DH and I have been married almost 8yrs...we met 10yrs ago in May this year! We have a 4yr son who now goes to preschool and a 17mth daughter and am currently almost 33wks pregnant with our 3rd!

We live in Glenvale area and DH is a nurse and I am a SAHM!

Will have to catch up again Michelle and Nadine! I should stop by one morning Nadine after I drop DS off at school since you live just round the corner...can you send me your add again? Thanks!

Anyway, bubs is already 4/5 engaged and some days I feel like bubs just gunna fall right out of there!

Talk again soon!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi I'm new to this, just found the exchange! My name is Lisa & I've just moved back to Toowoomba after being in Mildura for six years. I'm 26 with a daughter 7 turning 8 in january] and a boy 3, I am also expecting my third child in May next year. I don't have many friendsd up here and would love to hear from some other mums. I live in Newtown and my email is

TTFN talk again soon.
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