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Toddler kids- playgroup- SUNSHINE COAST?? Lock Rss

hi, monday or friday are fine with me also.

mum to mia born feb 06

Hey =)
Sorry I forgot about this thread.
Definitely count us in for Fridays =)

Kel, DD 2 1/2 qld

Want to all meet on FRIDAY 10th AUGUST...???


Where would suit everyone? Same park at Alex? Or perhaps a different one, any suggestions?

Friday the 10th of August at 9am sounds great. I haven't been to the Park at Alex before, but would be happy to meet there if it suits everyone?

I was thinking...

That park at alex tends to get very very busy & the little ones can get overwhelmed by it all...

There is a similar one in Maroochydore on corner of Bradman Ave & Picnic Pt Esplanade. Its fenced with small playground & swings etc.

DO you know the one???
sorry girls, got to cancel.

my Dr has told me to rest cause im having BP problems already & only 26 weeks pregnant.. So sorry...
Hey bec
I am super keen please let me know details
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