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Toddler kids- playgroup- SUNSHINE COAST?? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Ive been on here for while now, just interested in if anyone knows about or wants to start up a "TODDLER" playgroup on the Sunshine Coast. My DD is 2 she loves playing with other kids but unfortunatley doesnt often get too as all my friends kids r in daycare cause they work fulltime...

You can leave a msg here i'll get back to you or msn me at [email protected] (pls note this email address rarely gets checked i only use it for msn'ing)

Id be interested in meeting up at parks, playcentres, or im happy to offer my house as got more than enough room..

hey bec, im interested, iv just moved to the sunshine coast and trying to meet new people. been here for a month now and ive been to a few different playgroups , finding it hard to fit in as my little girl is speech delayed. i live in the caloundra area. where r u?
hope to hear from u soon. smile .

proud mummy to ebony 3.5 yrs and damon 11months

my name is Sonya I have two boys Zac 2 1/2 and Ash 5 months. We moved to Caloundra in March so would love to meet some new people. Zac is very shy so would love to get him mixing with other children. My email is [email protected] if you want to catch up.
Hi I'm Kelly, I have a little girl, she is 2 1/2
We would love to catch up and meet some new friends but I work Monday to Thursday so really only have Friday's free.
I'll keep a watch on this thread =)

Kel, DD 2 1/2 qld

Hey Beccy count me in chicky scarletts got childcare monday & tuesdays but im ready to get out and about. you have me on msn so if ya arrange anything let me know (ill try to keep and eye on this thread)

My dd 25 months and #2 is cooking LOL were in maroochydore

PS hopefully i dont get too lost cant believe we've been here for 4 weeks feels like just yesterday i swear!!!

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

forgot to mention - i was thinking about putting scarlett back into kindergym she was enrolled in adelaide and loved it(currently the term is over same as school holidays) but if anyone is interested ive got the details about cost etc. Thought it might be a great way to get out and let the little ones have some fun smile maybe go to cafe afterwards for coffee

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

OMG guys so sorry for not replying for so long....

Been a tad busy with the kids & been pretty sick with morning sickness with no 3 on the way.

Anyone interested just email me [email protected] We'll try organise a day/time to suit everyone.
Im free most days except thursdays we've always got so much happening on a thursday...

Hi, I'm Nicole and my DD has just turned 2. We'd love to join up so I'll keep checking back here or you can send me a private message once you've got something organised! Look forward to meeting you all!

DD Giarna 25/05/05 DS Cameron 15/01/08

Hey all

Since theres quite a few of us interested now, why dont we all try to make a place & a time to meet up?

Where would be central to everyone? What about the park at picnic point in Maroochydore on the corner of Bradman Ave & Picnic Point know that fenced in one kind of trangular in shape.

What day best suits people?? Im good mon, tues or fridays.

Let me know & we'll see how we go organising something...

Hey all,

Been chatting to Skye & how would a wednesday or friday morning suit everyone?

Say about 9.30am at that park mentioned above. Let me know if your interested...

just bumping... anyone still interested???
Hi Beccy

I would be interested in meeting up I have a 15month old and am due in 12 weeks with #2. I don't work during the week days so any day would suit me preferbably after 9am.

Cheers Nina
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