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Hi I know there is a Sunshine coast thread but Noosa is big in itself so I thought I would start a new thread.

I am Camilla I am 20 with a 19month old daughter Lydia, and we live in Sunshine Beach.

If anyone wants to chat, drop us a line. I only have one mummy friend who lives in Noosa (+ another down the coast more) So I am always up for making new friends or perhaps meeting old ones. ;]

Take care all and hopefully ttyl.

Email me or add me to msn at anytime:

<3 Camilla. xx

Milla.Sunshine Coast, Qld. 2yr old daughter.

no one? okay.

Milla.Sunshine Coast, Qld. 2yr old daughter.

Im Racquel, 24 yeras, & my daughter Imogen is 2 months old. Im fairly new to the area so dont have any mummy friends yet. I am from Pomona.
Hope to chat soon
Racquel & Imogen

Imogens Mumma

Hi im 25 and live in doonan out of noosa looking for a playmate for my 3 year old son and someone to have a chat with myself I'd love to catch up smile
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