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I am addicted to this site now Lock Rss

I am an at home mum with a 10 month old daughter. I am home all day and all night. My wonderful husband goes to work but I don't think he understands that I crave adult company or conversation sometimes. While I love being a mummy and my daughter is the sweetest little thing, I need more in my life...
I am climbing the walls and have become addicted to this site searching for mum's who can relate to the things I am feeling??? Sleep deprivation, baby who refuses to sleep, pooey nappies, spitting out food at meal times, mini tantrums... there has to be more out there...
I've allowed myself the luxury to feel a little depressed...
Hi there your not alone as I'm on this site at least once a day and when I get the chance. The kids try to annoy me to get off so then I have to. I'm a single mum so I always look for a chance to chat as I dont have a partner that comes home at night to talk to. But my children will always come first.

Hi Di,

Its good to know that I am not the only one.
I love a good chat and looking around this site to see who's been on and what's new. This site is like a new friend for me. My daughter always comes first, but when its "Me Time" you will probably find me floating around here...
Hi again the kids are finaly in bed and I'm back on looking around. Its my time now until they get up and annoy me.
Now I've got my pestering me because she wants to fed so I better once I'm finished here first.

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