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Mum to Toddler - New to the Gold Coast Lock Rss

Hi, I have just moved to the Gold Coast with my husband and 3 year old daughter, Emily, from Perth WA. I have not been able to find a play group to go to on the day's I have free (I work three days a week) and was wondering if anyone can make any suggestions where I might be able to meet up with mum's who have kids around the same age. It is getting a little lonely as the only friends we have here live in Brisbane and we don't get up there too often.

Look forward to chatting or meeting some mums around Pacific Pines soon.


Amy, QLD, 4yr old & baby-14/12/08

Hi Amy, I have just come over from New Zealand 8 weeks ago and live just down the road in Upper Coomera. I had the same problem, but go into a web site called and then enter postal code and it brings up all the playgroups in your area. I haven't met anyone yet as it is now the school holidays, but I intend to go after that. Hope this helps. Would like to chat to you if you would like to
Cheers Sharon
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