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South East QLD ~ Stay at home Mummies!! Lock Rss

Just looking for some SAHM's

I am Rachel, I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with number 4. My husband is working full time at the Police Academy, so I am home alone all day doing the mummy thing.

Looking at making some friends, no matter how far along you are, anyone would be nice!

Thanks heaps!!
Rach xOx

*~*Happily Married Mummy*~*

Hi Rachel,

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with number 4. I am a sahm also. My husband is home this week, but after that I will be back to solo duty during the day.

How old are all your other children? Mine are all girls and they are 4, 3, and 1.

How has your pregnancy being going? Do you know what you are having?

I hope to hear from you soon.

My email is

Talk soon.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi Rach
I know exactly how you feel being home all day doing the mummy thing. I have 2 daughters, a 4 yr old and a nearly 8 week old. My partner is self employed and has work coming out of his ears. he leaves home when its dark and returns well after dark usually to sit and eat his dinner by himself if I've had a chance to cook his. I am also looking at making some new friends my email is look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Kelly
Hi Rach & Kelly,

I am a two day a week stay at home (if that counts) as we moved from Perth to the Gold Coast and had to go back to work, good and bad decision. I have a 3.5 year old daughter who keeps me on my toes on those two days off plus weekends I have no idea how you mummies with a few kids do it, I take my hat off to you. I have recently found out that I am pregnant but don't know how far along I am yet, I have my scan in about a week and half so looking forward to knowing when this new bundle of joy is due. Since moving here I haven't met too many people so would love to chat or meet up for a tea/coffee/coke whatever sometime. My email is and I generally check my emails when I am at work too so if you ever feel like meeting up or chatting please drop me a line plus my daughter would love to have someone to play with. Cheers Amy

Amy, QLD, 4yr old & baby-14/12/08

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