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Dad with son 4,5 y.old Burleigh Heads Lock Rss


We've been here in Burleigh for a month now. My gf is doing an massage diploma and I'm on paternity leave. We came all the way here from Sweden so obviously we dont know that many people down here.

My son and I like going to the beach, build sand castles, bike rides and spending time exploring playgrounds. He also loves LEGO and ANYTHING that has anything to do with trains smile

We know some Swedes down here but I would like to get in to the society a bit more, and it would be great if our son could pick up some English. He would get so much more out of this experience if he did and he is a quick learner so he will be up and running I no time!

It would be awsome if there was a group of parents with kids in his age (4-5) that we could get in to. We are open for most suggestions so please let me know what you're up to! We're happy to join in!

Welcome to Australia and Huggies.

Sorry no where near where you are. Have you tried looking up playgroups in your area. They are a great way of meeting other families. Also at local libraries they usually have groups for kids.

Good luck. Hope that you enjoy your time in Aus.

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