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Looking to find out info on Cairns. We might be moving there in the next few months and have really no idea on schools. I have heard that private schools are better up there but we are not too keen on how much religion they do. Are there are private schools that are not so religion based? I was looking at the public school Caravonica as it rated alright on the myschool site. Does anyone know much about this school? Also is smithfield a good place to live and how far from the Airport is that? Hubby would be based at the airport.

Is it really hard to get jobs up there? And what is child care like are the wait lists long? Any info would be great.

Also the heat worries me. I have lived in the tropics before but can't stand living in Air-con all the time. How many months of the year do you need the air-con on?

Is it a great place for teens? the reason I ask is I have a friend who is a doctor and advised the high schools to avoid due to drug use, crimes etc. Now I know this happens in every town but do you find cairns worse than others for teens?
Hi. Cairns is great! I've been living up here for 2 years now - originally from Brisbane. My child goes to Freshwater state school. This would certainly be a better option than Caravonica. There is a bit of traffic going into town in the mornings from up north. Depending on what time your hubby starts work this may or may not affect him very much. For state schools you should look at Freshwater or Edge Hill. I presume you're just looking for primary. Also look at Peace Lutheran, St Andrew's Catholic, St Francis Xavier Catholic or Freshwater Christian school. There is Trinity Anglican School but it's $8000 a year starting in Prep... For high schools either Cairns STate High, St Andrew's Catholic in Redlynch or maybe the Catholic school in Woree or Catholic boys/girls single sex schools in the CBD. Look at the catchment areas closely for the state schools - this will guide you on reasonable places to live. Ultimately Redlynch Valley, Freshwater, Stratford, (some of) Brinsmead, Kamerunga, Redlynch, Edge Hill are all good for school catchment suburbs. If you go to a private school, I'd also consider Trinity Park, Smithfield, Caravonica, Lake Placid, Kewarra etc. Be aware that beachside (of the highway) suburbs can and do flood. Of course Kuranda seems lovely if you felt like driving half an hour down the mountain range every day!! Some people are happy to do this. In general, south of the city the suburbs are pretty crappy. Stick north/northwest and you'll do better. I'd avoid Machans BEach and Holloways Beach.
You'll find your first whole summer here unbearably sticky and hot. Use lots of air-con in this time to cope! Second summer still pretty sticky. My third summer has been great. I've hardly used air-con at all. You really do acclimatise. My child has to wear a jumper in her classroom as the air-con is too cold!! Forgot to say if you really want to live around Smithfield/Trinity Park/Caravonica you could also look at Holy Cross Catholic primary school. It's fairly easy to look for a rental house/apartment in a state school catchment area and then move a year after school's started to somewhere more comfortable. If your hubby wants a 5 - 8 min (!) drive to work with barely any traffic look at Aeroglen, Stratford, Edge Hill or Freshwater to live. Many rentals even have pools up here - even apartment complexes. The pool really cools you down so lessens the need for your air-con. Mind you the electricity to run the pool pump costs a packet! Not sure about teens. Used to worry about moving back down south for high school. Have now decided St Andrew's in REdlynch will do the job. There are plenty of things for your teen to be involved in here ie probably all the hobby/sport groups available in any city. Stacks to do for families with older children if you appreciate nature and adventure! On the teens note, there are some vile schools here. Pick your area well!! We avoid most awful types by living in a decent area with a reasonable state school - lovely families there. Also use local area for children's activities which again, have nice other people to socialise with. No problems at all. If you're coming from a capital city you'll have a massive culture shock.
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