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anyone interested in forming a mums group in gladstone? Lock Rss

I have recently moved here from Brisbane and would like to get a group going to meet weekly for social purposes. I have two girls aged 33 months and 17 months. Hope to hear from other mummies soon

Hi Sally,
I am moving from WA to Gladstone at the end of the month. I'm 40 years old and have a 30 month old girl and 10 month old boy. I would be interested in joining a mums group, I will be in contact.

Hi Wendy
That is great. Here is my email so when you get to Gladstone and settled. Let me know.
hello sally.
we just moved here 6 days ago and feeling rather overwhelmed. i have an 11 week old girl, a 3.5yr old boy and a daughter who is 6 who just started at one of the schools here.
where did you come from in brisbane? we were in the west spending most of our time in toowong due to schooling.
i am in the throws of trying to find day care for my son but not having much luck.

i never use forums but being that i dont know anyone i thought i would try my luck!

cheers and chat to you both soon.

Hi Erin
We are from the north side of brisbane in dakabin. Very hard to get childcare here most waiting lists are 2 years. It can be overwhelming and i don't normally do posts in forums either but have no family here so would like to make some friends. If you would like to meet up I have another group of ladies that we are meeting together. Here is my email is you are interested
Hope to meet soon.
Hi ladies, I've recently moved to Gladstone with my two children & partner & don't know anyone. I would love to make some friends and join a play group. I have a daughter Abby who's 2.5 & a son cooper who's 3.5. Look forward to hearing from you smile
I have a small group meeting at my place this Wednesday at 10am if you want to come let me know at
Hi Sally, thanks for replying. I would of loved to come today but I attend a bootcamp at this time on wed & thurs. do you meet on any other days and can you recommend a good playgroup? I've been here for 7 weeks and only know one person so keen to make some friends for myself and kids smile
We are actually going to meet on a tuesday from now on as my girls go to gym in the friday which is when we normally met. I go to little explorers on a thursday at the uniting church but they also run it on a tuesday. My kids love it because there is plenty to do and it costs $30 per family for the term. Very nice people there as well. Hope this helps. Feel free to come over for a coffee some time if you like. My number is
Hi Sally, I'd luv to come along next tues as long as I'm not imposing. Where do you meet?
Here is my email
We aren't meeting next Tuesday as we meet fortnightly. But email me and I will let you know next date.
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