Hi all,
I'm a 28 year old mother of 3 aged 7,5 and 3. I currently live in Tasmania, but due to better work opportunities for my hubby we are considering a move to QLD in the near future.
He has suggested Hervey Bay, as this time last year he was flown to QLD for 7 weeks for work and he was based out of Hervey Bay. He fell in love with the place and has wanted to move ever since. Life for me and the kids in Tassie is great. I have a good job doing bookeeping from home, the kids are in a great school, we live in a nice area and are buying a nice house. My kids are all in swimming lessons and my oldest in dancing also. So apart from my hubbys work situation, we really do have a great life here! So for me to move I need to know I'm moving somewhere that me and my children will have the same if not better lives!
Ive spent countless hours on the net searching all things Hervey Bay, but I find I keep getting very mixed opinions on it. A lot saying that its great for tourists, not for families. I've read a lot about the schools and more often than not they don't get a great rap!
So basically if there's any other mums out there who live in or have lived in Hervey Bay that can shed some light on what life is really like for families that'd be great! Everything i seem to find on this web site is quiet dated, so I'd love to hear more recent opinions!

Thankyou, Anita smile