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Hi All,
I am after some information on the area of Sunshine coast, I have also posted this in the travel section. But I thought asking people who actually live there would be much better.
I like the look of a resort in Marcoola but I had a look and its extremely close to the airport. Does anyone live in that area and could you please let me know if its really noisy?
Last thing I want is to go somewhere for a nice holiday and the whole family cant sleep.
I have just returned from 4 nights at Sunshine beach just a few kms from Noosa. It's awesome there. We stayed at the Sundancer Aparments. They have a deal, stay 4 pay 3 etc at the moment.

Otherwise the Breakfree in Alexandra Headlands is good (esp if you have kids) or the Sirocco in mooloolabah if you want something a little fancy.

hi there, the Sunshine Coast is beautiful but depending on what you are looking for I probably wouldnt stay in marcoola. It is a nice secluded area but the airport is extremely close and you would here the planes, plus there isn't a lot else there in the way of cafes etc if you are interested in eating out etc.

I am not sure how old your children are but areas like Mooloolaba and Coolum are great for families. Noosa and Caloundra are also lovely but both are a fair way from the airport. Mooloolaba would be my suggestion, its the closest beach to where I live and has a lovely big beach area, lots of parks, surf club, cafes and restauarants, corner shops, heaps of apartment style accommodation,

Underwater World is there which is worth a look and its close to the motorway if you are driving and want to get out to other places, eg Australia Zoo, Eumundi Markets etc

have fun smile

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I used to live in the area and it is in close to the airport. Planes aren't coming in and out all day long as it isn't a super busy airport like Tullermarine or anything, but you do still notice them, they start at around 6am and the last one comes in around 10.30pm. It also depends on the winds as to which way they approach the runway and therefore if they fly over the sea and resorts or not.

The other thing I would say about Marcoola is that the beach there isn't all that family friendly for swimming. it can be quite rippy and have big surf and isn't always patrolled.

I haven't lived there for almost four years, but I doubt much has changed.

Hi All, Thanks for the replies. I think just to play is safe I might stay away from Marcoola.
I will have a look at the places you all suggested.
Thanks Again
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