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Gold Coast Mothers Group: in or around Robina? Lock Rss

Hi, I'm sure this has been posted many a time & I did find some older posts but not sure which ones are up to date!
I am on the hunt for a mothers group or something similar in or near Robina. I moved to the Gold Coast in 2012 and have a nearly 6 yr old (at school) and an 11 month old. I am also pregnant with my third. Would love to meet some other mums out there or join a group!
Thanks smile
Hey im Deby, i live in Merrimac. My son is 19 months old and bub # 2 due in Nov. im free everyday. My email add is glamorous.deby@ Email me if you are still keen to meet.
Hi KiwiGem & Glamorous _Deby, you are more than welcome to join my facebook group. Its called Gold Coast Mums - Northern End. The link is as follows:-

We are a small group of mums. I live at Southport. I have mums who live all over the coast. I am a 44yr old sahm mum to a almost 4yr old boy. I am having a group get together at my place next Tues morning. You are welcome to come.

If you would like to join my group just follow the link & request to join & I will add you. Otherwise just go into facebook and type in the search bar at the top Gold Coast Mums - Northern End & do the same. Hope to hear from you guys. Lesa xx

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