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5 month 2 weeks baby girl cries/screams Lock Rss

i am just wondering why my 5 month 2 week old cries/scream when ever my parents and partners parents hold her even though she can see me and i talk to her to say its ok mummy is here she cries/screams until i take her from them and then she calms down and we try again and it starts back up we see partners parents every week day and my parents every weekend is there anything i can try to stop her from crying/screaming like that.
Seperation anixety?? They all go through it smile
melmul wrote:
My DS has just started to do this. He gets hysterical, so bad I have to take him back and walk away to calm him down. From what I know its separation anxiety, which I agree is a little silly when they can still see you but they get so upset don't they?

Yeah it does sound as little silly calling it that! Its as pp said, your their security! It'll settle smile
thank you for your info i am glad i am her security blanket i just feel i do need a break from her but she has been doing it from birth but that is good now i no what is the matter with her i hope she grows out of it
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