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HELP me pick a school PLEASE Lock Rss

I'm currently living in Victoria, but we are moving to Robina area in the next few months.
Because I'm not in QLD i have no idea what schools are good and which ones to keep clear of. Please help me if you can.
My daughter is in grade 1 now (2012) but i have 2 other children who will be attending later.
What schools are good and why would be GREAT.
Thanks all smile
Hey i cant exactly help with the school topic as my eldest is only 3.5yrs BUT i live like 5 mins away from Robina so i thought id say hi =]
Also i moved from Vic to QLD with my family when i was 12 (10.5yrs ago) Best decision my parents ever made =]
I have friends that live in Robina who send their kids to the primary school in Varsity Lakes. Their oldest used to go to Robina State but they prefer the school in Varsity Lakes (neighboring suburb). Not too sure why sorry. Those I know who have their children at Varsity Lakes are happy with the school. I've also heard good things about the Mudgereeba primary school (neighboring suburb)- In terms of teachers, parent participation, activities outside of the class available for children. We are currently considering moving out that way from Broadbeach, so am in the process of considering other schools for my child (Grade 2) for next year.
I've heard that Varsity is pretty good. The deputy from the school I used to teach at got a temporary transfer there and never came back to our school, and one of my teaching partners tried to get a position there because its a good school. Good luck...we're trying to decide where to send our 3 and we grew up in our area,it must be so hard when you don't know the place.
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