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Sunshine Coast bubs born 2012 Lock Rss

haha sorry thats my husbands bday and hes taking a week of work to spend with us. Sorry im being so difficult. Maybe the week after? Do you have a facebook? I could add you on there to keep in touch?
im free anytime after the 20th :)sorry b day preps r full on lol but i can meet up anywhere whatever suits everyone after then look forward to catching up smile
How does Monday 29th suit everyone???
yeah sounds good to me :)im keen for that where abouts and what time suits everyone best smile look forward to meeting you
I'm happy to meet anywhere as well smile I have fb if you would like to add me my email is I'm on there a lot more than here lol smile
Hey girls,
Don't think I'll be able to make it Monday, (my husbands first day back from work). Will have to catch up with you next time!
Fb is a good idea...
Sorry Ive been missing. My husband has been on holidays. Can you add me aswell?? Has anything been organised yet??
I just added you all on fb smile
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