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Looking for a surrogate mum Lock Rss

Hi. We are a gay early 30s young couple. We had our civil ceremony last year, both in stable jobs and other income. We are now ready to start our family and are looking for a surrogate mum to donate eggs and carry our baby.
Hi My name is Kellie. I am 32, I am fit and healthy in all aspects, and would love to help you to have a child if we were a match.
I have not yet been in a position to have a child myself, only because i have not had the opportunity. In saying that i am willing to help any loving families that would like the happiness and joy that a child can bring to their families and whom are so desiring to have and start a family.
If you feel that you would like more information about myself then by all means feel free to emil me: and i will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.
Hello my name is Rachel and I am 31 years old.I have four beautiful healthy children which I am blessed everyday.I have a brother who is also gay currently engaged to be married to a beautiful man also in their early thirties.So I totally get where you guys are coming from in both aspects.I am totally excited to one day have the priveledge to give another beautiful human being the experience of the miracle of life.Find out some details and we can go from there thanking you for your time
Hi Rachelcarwardine. If you could email me at that would be great.

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