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Moving to Gold Coast, Best family friendly areas? Lock Rss

Hey everyone, me, my dh & 2 boys 4&1 moved recently moved over from NZ & we moved to the logan area to start with as we have friends/family here, we would really love to move to closer to the goldcoast/beach but have no idea what the areas are like? We want a nice family friendly areas with good schools? Any help would be appreciated smile
Hi smile I know a lot of families live in Upper Coomera. You might feel like you are back in NZ though, as there are a lot of NZer's there!! wink

A friend of mine lives in Palm beach and its lovely there. Very close to the beach! Lots of families too

My signatures wont work.. wahhhh!

Hi Missa_G smile thanks for that! LOL apparently theres kiwis everywhere over here there will be no1 left in NZ soon!
Do you know anymore info about Upper Coomera? That isnt far from DH's work so that would be handy!
Missa_G- do you know anymore info about palm beach? does your friends kids go to a good school there?
Hey me and my 2 1/2 yr old moved over from NZ to the Gold Coast just over a week ago, as I have family here. I love the Gold Coast, but it takes time adjusting just like anywhere though I guess !

Im not too sure about schools but I know they have some really good kindys on the coast, I've been looking around for one to put my little boy in smile Im staying in Helensvale at the moment so I would say Coomera, Coombabah, Runaway Bay and Paradise Point are some nice family friendly areas !

Where abouts are you from in NZ ??
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