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any sunny coast mums with young bubs want to meet up Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

My fiance and I have just moved out to glasshouse mountians and I have recently just had our second baby who is now a beautiful 4 week old boy named Mason and would love the opportunity to meet some like minded couples with bubs the around the same age as Mason on the Sunshine Coast!I also have a 2 year as well so if anyone is keen to start a play group or meet up let me know as other than planning a wedding my days are pretty free as Jason works full time!

I would love to meet some stay at home mums to keep me and mace busy in the day! But also would like to meet some husbands/ fiances and boyfriends to keep jason company!!!
Hi, i'm in glass house mountains too, and i have two girls, a 6yr old and a 5mth old and would love to meet up. my partner works full time too, but as we only have one car, i'm pretty much stuck at home all day. good thing we live within walking distance to school and shops!! i help out in my eldest's class two morning's a week, but the rest of the time i'm pretty much free. the only other playgroup that i know of has kids older than my 5mth old so i haven't joined yet, but would love to meet someone with bubs around my youngest's age. if you want to swap numbers, let me know
mia smile
Hi ladies,

I live at Beerburrum with husband and two boys who are 2.5 and 11 months. Would love to organise a playdate or something with some local mums/families! I'm also expecting our third (girl) in August. Hope to hear from you soon smile
Heya sorry for the late reply I totally forgot about this post still would love to catch up for a playdate sometime if you guys are still keen let me know smile
Hi, not sure whether to write this here, as im new to this whole thing.
My names Samantha and im a stay at home mum to a 14 month old boy, and my hubby and I are moving to Carrara in 5 weeks, im a little scared as I dont no anyone or have any friends. I'd love to make some friends with other mummys and have some play mates for my little man! smile
Hi ladies, I have no idea how old this post is but i just moved to Glass house with my 3 boys (4, 2 and 3 months) and would love to make friends!
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