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Hello I'm looking for young mums on the South end of the Gold Coast. I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter smile
Hi, I have recently moved to the gold coast, from sydney and dont know any other mothers here. I have a beautiful 6 month old little girl. I live in Burleigh Waters and would love to meet up for coffee sometime smile
Maybe we could catch up, Alba
Hi Ladies, I am 24 years old with a 6 month old baby boy. We live in Currumbin Waters. I am finding it difficult to meet other young mums with babies around the same age. We are basically the first amongst our friends to have a baby so I am looking for someone to catch up with etc and give my son some playdates! If anyone is interested, let me know smile
Hi there,
Just saw this thread and thought i would mention i have just joined a playgroup through playgroup Australia on Thursdays mornings in Labrador. It has only just started so is only 4 of us so far with bubs from 3-9 months. It is really relaxed and casual. Is called "Happy Little Vegemites" and all the details are on the playgroup Australia website.
I am 27 years old and have a 6 month old baby girl.
Hi Ladies!!

I recently moved to the Gold Coast aswell!.
My daughter is 1 years old. Considering made your posts a few months back
our children would be close in age!! : )
Would love to catch up with you's sometime!!
Do any of you have facebook?
May be quicker then replying on here!! : )
I'm 21 by the way.
Hi There, i live on the gold coast, i have 13 month old son, and he would really love to play with other little boys and girls... Im a stay at home mum and my son gets bored.. I would really love to meet young mums as well.. im 21, living around Ashmore..
Hope to hear from anyone soon!!!
My facebook is
Hope to hear from you guys.
Hey Mums
Mothers Day Brunch coming up Wednesday 8th May, Burleigh Waters
more info here>>

Would love to have you come along and meet some other mums and bubs.
Lots organised for the morning, food, drinks, gifts, activities +++ and the little local businesses would appreciate your support!
Find us on Facebook too Gold Coast Mumma Events
All mums of All ages welcome!!

I'm only new to the forum, but Pacific Fair has a pretty good mums & bubs club. It's on the third of every month & normally there's ABC characters, workshops etc. The kids love it & it's a good chance to meet mums in the area.

Have a look on their website -

M this is a link to a group for mums and bub gold coast
Hi ladies. I run a mothers group on facebook called Gold Coast Mums - Northern End. I have about 16 mums now who have joined. We have mums of all ages with babies, toddlers & older kids.

We have a group meetup every 2 weeks. I would paste the link in but for some odd reason huggies wont let me reply to posts on my home pc but I can on my mobile & my mobile doesnt have the option to paste the link in.

I would love for you ladies to have a look at my facebook group page. Just go into the search bar at the top of your facebook home page & type in Gold Coast Mums - Northern End. If you would like to join just hit the request to join button at the top & I will add you.

Hope to hear from you lovely ladies soon. Thanks for reading my reply to this post. Lesa xx!/groups/253543981454...

Ladies, I have just worked out the posting issue. The above is the link to my facebook page. Thanks

Hi. I'm 21 years old I have a 2 year old son and a 10 month old daughter and we are new to the gold coast and we would love to meet new friends. Are there any play groups or mums meet ups near the Mudgeeraba area. Thanks ????
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