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Hey I'm new here too i am looking to meet new people. If your interested. I don't know many people on the gold coast. I live in tweed heads. My name is Rebecca.
Hi Rebecca. I live at Kirra so not far from you. I go to Kirra Kids play group on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. You can come and check it out for free. It's at Coolangatta State School on Miles St. Just down the road from Kirra Beach Hotel. There are heaps of toys and outdoor play stuff. Tuesdays have been quiet lately but still nice to get out somewhere & have a coffee/tea while the kids play. Thursday has been really busy with kids of all ages from young babies to 4yr olds. Everyone's really friendly & welcoming & morning tea is provided.
If you decide to come for a look its 9:30 to 11:30 both days. My name is Tammy if you want to find me to say hi & I'll be the one chasing round a little toddler boy named EJ trying not to spill the coffee I desperately need!

That sounds great Tammy. I don't have my son on Thursdays:( I have him on Tuesday's though. His dad and I share custody. But I'd love to come check it out on Tuesday. I need a social life. Right now I don't have one lol. But it honestly sounds great and something I'd be interested in.
Hi! Are there any young mums in Pacific Pines? I have a 4
Month old baby girl and we need friends!! Let me know smile
Hi, I live near Harbourtown and I am a new mommy from Hong Kong but living in GC about 12 yrs with my girl born in Nov 2013, nice to meet all!
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