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New to Sunshine Coast Lock Rss

I live in Caloundra and have a 18 month old daughter and another little girl due in early November.
Where abouts on the Sunshine Coast are you?
hey i have 10month old little boy but i would love to catch up for a coffee or something one day
Hey Ladies smile

I dont have my bubba yet but she is due in early october. But id love to meet up with some mummies on the coast.

I live in mooloolaba, also im 18. Just thought id mention that cause some people dont like younger mums..
Hi everyone, I'm new to the sunshine coast too and would love to get together with you if you are planning on it anytime soon. grin I have a 3 year old Logan and a 5mth old Harrison. We live in Caloundra but we are happy to go other places for catch ups.

We are free anytime except for Friday mornings as Logan has just started swimming lessons - not sure what days DH is going to have off work as yet but hey we can work around him if we need to wink

Me & DH
DS - 8, DS - 5, DS - 4
DSS - 17, DSS - 12, DSD - 10

Oh also forgot to add a friend told me there is a good play centre called 'Kidzown' in Kawana near Trade Secret? I haven't checked it out yet but it might be an idea for a place to meet so the kids can run wild and free!! laugh

Me & DH
DS - 8, DS - 5, DS - 4
DSS - 17, DSS - 12, DSD - 10

Hi ladies,

I am also on the coast (Alex Heads) and have a nearly 21 month old daughter. I am available Wednesday's if anyone else is keen to catch up.


Wednesday is good for us too - is anyone organised enough for tomorrow, it's meant to be a lovely day... Not sure where the park is in Cotton Tree, but if you let me know I'm sure I'll be able to find it...

If everyone can be organised why not tomorrow around 9.30-10.00 if that suits??

Me & DH
DS - 8, DS - 5, DS - 4
DSS - 17, DSS - 12, DSD - 10

Yay that sounds great!! I'll PM you my mobile number so if you could send me yours that would be great - just in case i get lost or anything like that... shouldn't be hard to find though. grin

Me & DH
DS - 8, DS - 5, DS - 4
DSS - 17, DSS - 12, DSD - 10

hey guys
oh i missed the play date today not that I could really go my son and have come down with a cold so I dont want to spread the germs smile let me know when the next one is and hopefully we will be able to make it hope you guys had fun
I know I have to stop being slack and come on here more often smile will def try and make the next one tho. I dont mind when we meet up I just love getting out of the house for a few hours smile there is an indoor play centre in maroochydore where we can have coffee while the kiddies play or there is also a fenced playground at alex 2
lol yeah it was a little last minute wasn't it!! I've actually noted to I get emails when there are replys to this thread now so I don't miss anything either!! wink

Me & DH
DS - 8, DS - 5, DS - 4
DSS - 17, DSS - 12, DSD - 10

Hi guys!

I was thinking of posting on here to see if any mums from the sunny coast wanted to meet up, then I saw this one!!

I am from Sippy Downs area. I have 4 daughters, DD1 is 7, DD2 is 4, DD3 is 2 and DD4 is 15wks. Wednesday and Thursdays are good for me as I only have the younger 2 then!!

I have lived on the coast for 4 years, but originally from the UK. Find it very hard to get out and meet new mums, (especially near my age, I'm 27), as I don't work, and am quite quiet! ( not rude as some people seem to think!!).

Let me know if you guys are orgainsing another play date. The park at Alex headlands (Nelson Park) is good as it is fully fenced so no escapees!!

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