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Hey all,

I have already posted something similar to this but as I come closer to the due date of my daughter I would really love to meet some young mums. I know there is one on the coast, they are young but im after people more my age. I am 18 and having my first daughter early october. I would love to meet up with anyone aged between 17-21 or else up to 23 if its your first baby.

The group that I have visited is great but they all have older children and I sort of felt judged when I went along.

Please let me know if there is anyone else out there!! smile


I am 22 so hopefully not 2 old?? lol. I have one daughter Shayla and she will be 1 in 2 weeks but I live on the Sunshine Coast and if you would ever like to catch up or anything that would be great. Definately not judgemental either grin But feel free 2 write 2 me. Hope your pregnancy is going great. Bet your getting excited about meeting your daughter. The best thing in the world grin Any way...

Kristy x
Haha nah it doesnt seem to old... you defs dont sound like your 22 which is great!! Where abouts on the coast do you live firstly? LOL that might be a start before we start to orgainse stuff and then we live ages away from eachother LOL
Hey i'm on the Sunny Coast, I'm 18 and my DS is 7 months. Would love to catch up one day if you like?
I know this was posted a while ago, but I thought I would see if you girls ended up making your own mothers group and/or if you still interested in doing so?

My name is Kayla, I am turning 21, and I have a daughter who is 9 weeks old.
My sister is turning 19 and has a 6month old.
We have both been looking for a young mum's group on the Sunshine Coast for ages.

I live in Buderim, and she lives in Kawana.

Hopefully you guys are still keen to make a group.
Thanks x
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