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Any mums on Atherton tablelands?????? Lock Rss

hi i am a 33yo mother of 6 wanting to meet other mums in my area.

me 33 Dh 43

hey there im not on the tableands but my husband and his family are originally from there and his dad and one of his sisters are still there and the other one owns a house in mt garnet we live in mt isa, im 26 and clinton is 34.

we dont get back there much but we are seriously thinking of moving back there.

i have 3 kids as u can see in my signature....


I live in Atherton. I have 3 boys. One of my friends is a few years older than you and also has 6 children. We go to Playgroup at The baptist Church on Gibson Street. Great group of mums, really easy going. It's on from 9.30-11.30ish.
It's been 2 years and i am still looking to meet others mum in my area finding it hard to meet through playgroups for some reason

me 33 Dh 43

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