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hi any mums out here from Gladstone??

Would love to chat.
Bump again
I'm a mum 2b and moving to the area very soon! I'm moving to tannum sands and don't know anyone there yet although I'm sure having a bub will change all that!
How many kiddies have you got? What age ect?
Hi Alice,
When is bubs due? I have a 2 boys Brayden who is 3 and Austin who is almost 5 weeks old.

Im sure you will meet lots of new mums once you have bubs.

Ok well hope to talk again soon

Hi Shell,
Bubs due on 24th March so I'm 14 weeks preg. Exciting times, this will be my first smile
I'm moving to Tannum Sands in the begining of Oct so my other half will be closer to his work (he works away in the mines) Do you live in Gladstone or Tannum? Have you lived thee long?
I had a birthday about 5 weeks ago, Austin wasn't born on 20th aug was he?
Your boys names are cute. Your bound to have your hands full at the moment!Did you find out what gender they were before the birth?
Anyway, better get some packing done!
Chat soon
Hi Alice,

Thats great about the 24th of March my first son was the 25th. the only part that sucks is going through the whole summer! lol. Also Austin was born on the 17th of August. As for finding out the gender we prefer not to, plus i need that surprise to get me through labor! lol. both my boys were over 10pound born so to me i love having something to focus on such as what sex it will be! very exciting for both you and your husband! Do you know if your going to find out?

I live in gladstone i grew up here then moved to WA when i was 15. thats where i met my DF and had my first child before we all moved to QLD to be closer to my family. Anywau u hope the packing is going well and good luck with the move!

talk soon.

Yes I'm not looking forward to being preg over summer!! Oh well, I guess I'll be spending alot of time at the beach, being a big beached whale!! smile
10 pounders!! Wow thats full on! I understand your wanting to wait in that case! I'm finding out the sex for sure, don't think I could handle waiting smile I'm way to excited.
How is Austin? Is he letting u get much sleep? Heaps of people say the first 6 weeks is the hardest. Did u find that to be the case with your boys?
Packings going great, I'm not working at the moment so I've managed to get alot done. Plus my mans home from work for 10 days to help.
Chat soon

yep being a beached whale sounds liek a good plan! I can understand your excitement and wanting to find out! It is such an exciting time grin

Austin is doing really well. We have our days but all in all he is a wonderful baby, a fantastic sleeper! Sleeps through already only stires for his dummy around 3-4am then back to sleep until 6am. So fantastic!
The part i found daunting was going out with two kids! Plus i cant BF so i cant just whip out a feed i need to prepare bottles make sure there the right temp all with a screaming hungry bub and a busy 3 year old LOL! But we are getting used to it now grin

Im sure you to will settle in well with a routine in the first few weeks. Its good with first bubs cause if they sleep not so well at night u can sleep with them during the day. So im kinda thanking my lucky stars i have a good night sleeper again! LOL.

anyway glad to hear packing is going well. Would be great having your hubby there to help!

Have you thought about Dr's ur going to see here. are you privet or a public patient? Im Public and it was so hard to find a GP here that does OB work. See i had my first in WA and it was so much better. I had my family GP there look after me and deliver. Where as here i just ended up seeing the hospital the whole way. Horrible Dr's but they dont deliver and the midwifes were great! So that was a relief LOL!

Ok well will chat again soon.

Hey Shell,

Good to hear Austins sleeping through for you already. Cross fingers I'll get a good sleeper! I'm sure I'll work it all out otherwise smile

I'm not married but yes its great to have my man home to help! Only a week to go 'til the big move.

I'm not sure about Doctors yet but theres a woman doc in Boyne who specialises in womans health so I'll try her. I'll need to see her or someone fairly soon after the move for my 18 week check up. I'll be going public also. Gladstone has a birth centre but I don't know much about them yet. I think the centre is set up to be more like your house? Any ideas?

Till next time

Sorry to say husband im not married either LOL! But yes will be good to have his help and gosh only a week to go!

As for the birth center i have never heard of one being here. I just googled it and read some information that they are trying to lobby for one to be here. But as far as i know there is not one as yet. But dont quote me on that.

Would be good if you can get into the lady in Boyne who does womens health as i could not get into one Dr in Gladstone who did pregnancy. But at the end of the day i just thank my lucky starts both my pregnancy have been trubble free. Fingers crossed you get a smooth one to. You havnt mention any morning sickness, so have you got any or had any? I had it for 25 weeks with my second LOL!

So do you have any hobbies or activities that you like to do? I get so bored here if it wasnt for the kids and swimming lessons ect i dont know what id do with myself LOL!

Chat soon


Just thought I would pop in and say Hi.. i live at Boyne island.. Mum of 4,, smile

Nicolle is my name (Nic)

Hope the move went well

Mum to 4 great kids...

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