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Looking for mums who have a partner that works away alot? Rss

Hi my name is Nikki,

My partner works in power stations (was mines until most of them went bust) Atm he is home for 1 day (not even a full 24hrs) and it could be this way till next year. I have a 11month old and we are trying for number 2. I miss my partner so much but I have slightly gotten used to almost feeling like a single mum.
I would love to find people to chat to that are in the same situation because I know it can get really lonely. I live in Yeppoon QLD but I'd love to hear from anyone in Australia.

my hubby is currently working overseas and is away for 11 weeks we still have 8 weeks to go. Before that he would do 5 weeks away and 1 week home. Your right it does feels like your a single mum. You would be surprised at how many people do it when you get talking to people. It is hard and does get lonely but i am the same i am kinder used to it but still doesn't make it any easier.

BRA QLD 6yo & 4 yo girls

Hi, how are you?
Wow 11 weeks, that is ages. 3 weeks was long enough for me. Will you go and visit him? I am lucky that my partners jobs are all in queensland so If i can find somewhere to stay I can atleast go and see him if I get really desperate. Did he always work away? Do you have many friends in the same situation? I have a friend who's husband is working 1 week one, 1 week off which is good because I can hang out with her alot when her husband it away
Hi i am good thank you. Yeh it is ages but hopefully only do it twice then we might go back to 5 and 1 or we may move back to Karratha with him. No we will not go visit him he is in peru in south america would not take the kids there. He didn't always work away but we chose to try for a while so we vould live in QLD and have a better lifestyle when we did live together we didn't see him alot anyway so at least this way he has a whole week off with us which is nice. I know a couple of people in the same boat but my friends are great like today i was so bored so we went and visited one friend and then another came around in the arvo they are really supportive and help me get through it. I wish we could be on one of the asy rosters but haven't found one yet so this will have to do for a while.
Nice to talk to you
Hopefully chat again soon

BRA QLD 6yo & 4 yo girls

wow... i thort 2 wks away & 1 wk home was hard enuf!! its sort of nice to hear others tht feel the same as i do... i hav a 9 month old boy & my partner wrks away in WA in the mines... i live in Eagleby QLD...
i feel so alone & yes i guess like a single mum... i moved away from my family for his work & then the company he works for went bust so they transfered him over to WA & now im here alone, dont have any family or friends.
Im used to being around heaps of ppl. but now its usually just me & connor.
i get so bored & lonely that wen i Connor goes to bed & i finally get time to myself. i dont know wat to do! & at night i go to bed & cant sleep, i think i think to much lol.

Wife to be, Mum of 3.


My husband works away too, time varies between 10 days on 4 off to anywhere to 8 weeks on 1 week off just depends on the type of work. We have a 2 year old daughter, and are trying for another. I do feel like a single mum, even when he is home DD is used to mummy doing everything for her so i do all the parenting stuff daddy is just for play time, oh well what you gonna do lol. I just wish i lived closer to my family.

I too have a husband that works away. However not to the same degree as your husbands. His roster is 5 on, 4 off, 4 on, 5 off and he's a 5 hour drive away. We have 3 children under 3 and expecting number 4, so my life when he is not here is somewhat hectic, hardly a moment to scratch myself let alone get bored! I do feel for you all that have husbands that are away from such long times, I really do. Myself, having a few young children don't think I could handle weeks at a time with no adult reprieve. I think I would go seriously nutty! My hat goes off to you all. What's your secret?

Anyway, just wanted to add my little bit and let you know, you're not the only one's doing it.

Kate,QLD,Toddlers x 2, Just crawling and Bub in th

Hi Nikki,

My partner goes away a lot for work however he is in the army so its kinda uncertin to how long he is away and home for he wasnt home much when i was pregnant last year and this year has been the same so far and looks to continue he has been away for three weeks home for a week and has been gone again for another three weeks thankfully he is coming home tomorrow, but not sure for how long yet. I know what you are saying it feels like I am a single mum most of the time its been a bit harder latley as I am being treated for post natel depression, Ive found playing sport helps out with the feeling of lonleness and having great friends and family deffently helps too.

Mum to Amelia 9mths
Hey Nikki!
I am in Yeppoon! I think I might have met u at the library before. U organise the pram walks etc?? I have my 2 boys, Joseph and Harlen. My husband and I are currently separated, so yeah, I am doing the single mum thing at the moment. I am hoping it wont be for much longer but. We will see.

It definately gets lonely! My boys get really emotional. It's amazing how much it has affected them with their dad being away. They get very upset if they see him and have to leave or hear him on the phone. How does Cooper go?? Do u notice a change in him?
Hiiii smile
I'm in Ipswich, QLD. My partner works 2 hours away, 11 days on 3 days off.
We have an 18 month old and our next child due in sad as it is, I have to say I feel like a single parent and I'm actually quite used to it. For half of our son's first year, DP worked away and I honestly don't think our son quite realises how big a part of a life his father is, or should be. It sucks but DP works hard to support us so I try and deal with it too. Glad I'm not the only one out there smile
Its crazy how many people are doing it pretty much on their own. My partner is in the Navy and we have spent alot of our relationship apart. For the last 10 months, he has been living in Sydney while myself and our two girls 2.5yrs and 1.5yrs old live in Laidley, Qld. We only get to see him for about a week every 2-3 months, so it is pretty tough. I moved here to be closer to family while he finishes up his sea time in the navy, however all the family is pretty busy and still too far away. So I definately do feel like a single mum. I get pretty lonely and it's hard making friends, so I pretty much keep to myself. However just to make things even more hectic, ive just started an online uni degree, am I crazy or what!

love my girlz

HI mums, how are you all? I am so sorry for not replying earlier. I totally forgot where I started this thread. I kept thinging it was on kidspot. Also I am so consumed with facebook that I forget about huggies.
I have to admit I can't complain atm as my partner is on night shift and comes home everyday but after this job he may be going away for 2-3 months and as he only gets 1 day off a week I will have to go visit him.
It's definately hard and I have definately had low moments, that's why I have just started a group where I live in Yeppoon for women with partners that work away from home. I think it is something every suburb should have because most of us don't have family around which just makes it harder.
I know some of you have asked me questions so I'll have to try and catch up. SOrry
If any of you ever need a chat I am on facebook
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