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Any North Brisbane Mums want/need friends?? Rss


Im looking for other mums out there that are looking for playdates for the kids and who want to meet for a chat/coffee.
Ive lived here in Brisbane for 1 & half years and still havent really found friends.
Life gets a little boring after a while stuck at home talking baby talk and cleaning the house!
So if there is anyone, absolutely ANYONE who wants to meet up Im pretty much free everyday. Parks, playcentres, mall....
I have a 4yr boy, 3yr girl and 15 wks baby boy.

Theres gotta be some mums out there that would like to get out more!
More so on the Northside of Brisbane. Strathpine, kallangur, redcliffe, up to chermside and down to Caboolture?!


I live at Rothwell which is near Redliffe! I have a 4year old too but he just started prep so he goes there everyday!
We are free on weekends though if maybe sometimes you would like a playdate !
We can do most Saturdays, Hubby works nearly every Saturday so if that suits ya then GREAT!
Yes, I know where Rothwell is, we go to Scarborough Parks etc

I tried to get my son into C&K too, but too little too late.
Oh well....

Do you wanna meet this Saturday?
This Saturday I'm having a tupperware party can come if you interested! Even if you don't like it come and have a cuppa with us!! Let me know...
I would but i have all the kids, and somehow I dont think that would work! lol
Thanks for the invite though, and hopefully we will get to meet next weekend!

Kids are welcome if you would like to come!!
They can play with my 4 year old !
If not then we will organize another time!!
Talk soon!!

I'm new to Brisbane, moved from Sydney in Dec 08 - we're northside (Ascot) so close to the areas you've mentioned and would be happy to meet maybe at chermside for a coffee and chat.

A bit about me, I'm 40 and expecting my first "surprise" baby currently 28 weeks pregnant due on 13th May. Can be definate with date because I'm having a c-section!

Previously I was an Exec Assistant to CEO of a charity and as I knew full time work would be impossible when we moved I had been hoping to get some temp work but am told by various agencies it's very quiet out there, so like you am getting a bit stir crazy at home. Normally visit Chermside once a week for a window shop and to grab the UK version of OK magazine! So let me know if you fancy a coffee.


I am in Banyo.

I have just moved down from Townsville with my family for me to do Bachelor of Midwifery at ACU.

We are always interested in meeting new ppl (esp now!). I did post on a couple of other forums about organising weekend get togethers so that my partner could meet other blokes aswell.

I am at uni monday, tuesday and fridays. At the moment I have wednesdays and thursday off.

Sara - Mum to Briley(05/06/06) & Colby(03/08/07)

hi ladies,

im tarra, 24 & have a 5 month old daughter.
i have arranged a meet with another huggies mum at the coffee club at aspley on gympie rd on thursday if anyone would like to join us.
feel free to email me at


hi im from the northside of brisbane i live at gordon park , i have 13 months old son...and i really would love to have playdate for my son and a friend for me too...but i only travel by public transport...just write to me at my email if u want to chat
Hey I know this post is a bit old now but I would be up for a catch up smile
I'm 31 and I have a 4 year old son and an 18 month old girl and I'm in North Lakes
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