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Hi All,

I have only moved to the GC in the last few months and have a 4 weeks old baby girl. I am having trouble finding a mother's group with other newborn bub's.
Can anyone help me out? I live in Robina.

Many Thanks
Gina & baby Piper x
Hi Gina, congrats on your baby girl!

I live at Reedy Creek, 5 mins from Robina. I suggest that you contact Robina child health clinic. On thursday mornings they have open clinic where you can go and weigh your baby. When we were going there they ran newborn groups where they covered sleeping/feeding issues and once baby was 8 weeks they ran 2hr groups for 4 weeks on different topics-safety, immunisation, dental etc.

Anyway and the end of these groups they encouraged mothers to form their own mothers groups as babies were around the same age. This is how my mother group was formed and we just continued meeting up on Thursdays. A few people have joined along the way..friends of friends etc but our group now has babies ranging from 4 months-10 months. You are more then welcome to join too if you like..we are all basically Robina/Mudgeeraba area. Hope this helps.

I second that, that is where I met the mumsin my mothers group.

Hi Ladies,

Thanks so much for the info. I have since called my local baby clinic and went along to the open clinic and the talk afterwards and have already met some other mum's.

Thanks again
Gina x
Great Gina! Good to hear that you are out and about meeting other mums! Enjoy!

Hey Gina,

We just moved to the GC from Sydney and Ollie must be about the same age (8.5 weeks now). Have you found a group? I'd love to meet some people!

Brigette and Ollie
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