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Hi everyone out there in cyber space. I am in my late 20's and have a beautiful little 4 month old son. Our family have temporarily moved to the area for my husbands work commitments & I currently travell into brisbane for my playgroup. I haven't been able to findout if there is any group or baby activities in the area and would really like to hear from anyone who knows of any? Is there nursery time/ reading at the esk libraby etc?

first time mummy QLD +1

Hi there I don;t live in Esk but you can find any playgroups from this site I checked and there is a playgroup in Esk heres the details
Esk Little Deers
Cnr Neilsen Place
ESK QLD 4312
Danielle: 5426 4643
i hope this helps

Teena QLD Cody 2 & Nadia 13 yr old

My name is Kate. I have a 10 mth old. I went to the Esk playgroup when Cloe was 4 mths old. I found there were mostly boys who were quite rough. I didn't think Cloe was ready for playgroup, but have found there to be nothing else in the area. Would love to catch up if your interested? My e-mail is
Kate-34, DH-30, Cloe- 10/5/05

Kate, DH , Cloe - 10/5/05, Hazel - 17/1/08

hi there...I just moved to esk about 4weeks ago and im looking 2 make some friend's/find a mothers play group!
does anyone know if there is one?
Thanks sally
Hi Sally,
Would love to know if you found any mums groups. We will be moving to a property at Mount Hallen, just outside of Esk in a few weeks. I have 5 kids aged from 8 to 2 and would love to meet new people. We are completely new to the area.
Thanks Nicole smile
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