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Young gold coast mums? Lock Rss

hi there,

I am 21 with a 2 1/2 year old and 3 weeks old and am quite nervous about joining a mothers group so I thought I would ask if anyone knows a good one with mums my age? I find it hard to socialise with my friends as they dont have kids and dont understand the limitations that kids cn have and would love to meet people who are similar to me.


hi yes house in southpot have mums group 4 17 to 25. They also have one at coomera. Also think there is one nerange now. Im 26 with to 3yrs and 10 months. Im at coomera i dont know were u r but happy to meet up.



Come and join us at coomera mums (some of us are from coomera and some are from ormeau). We are very easy to get along with, so don't worry. I think we range from 19-25ish, so pretty young still... haha. Everyone of us has 1-2 babies/toddler (I think one is 2ish as well) so the kids are play together while we mothers have a cuppa and chat smile

Elise... can you drive? If not, those of us who can drive can meet up at coomera cos there's another mum who doesn't drive either smile

Keep in touch!! Just keep checking the coomera mums post... it's pretty active usually.

I just want to ask why young mums? I am in my late 20's and I have friends who are aged between 18-42. I think if you leave yourself open to meeting anyone and not put age as an issue then you will met a lot more people.
hey possums i dont think age is a big deal and would be very open to meeting mums of all age. All the mums I have met have been older and I found I had a lot in common with them but I hadnt met anyone around my age so I did want to see if there were mums my age out there as well smile

i go to playgroup at st peters church in southport wednesdays 9;30-11;30 your welcome to come along and join:)
there are a few mums in there 20s

carrie,25,kiwi living in oz

Hi I live in upper coomera & have a 3 month old boy. I'm fairly new to the area & keen to meet other mums in the area. I've been doing the mums with bubs bootcamps but really want to find a group of mums who catch up for coffee & a bit of a chitchat wink Looking forward to hearing what's out there. grin
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