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i live at lockrose which is on the other side of the highway. you turn right at the pub to go to my place. my email is
It is great to finally find someone else who hos a daughter named shyanne and have spelt it that way.

My shyanne is nearlly 3.

most people spell it cheyanne and it can also be a boys name spelt this way.

Hi there Johanne ,
have sent you an email just to chat..
hope to here from you soon...
Kathy.... I can tell you how to get a girl if you can tell me how to get a boy haha..
take care Kathy...
Hi Katelyn, My name is Linda and I was trying to send you a email as I would like to become email friends.

But the mail keeps getting sent back saying your email address is wrong

Mine is if you would like to contact me
Hi linda,
I have sent you an email it would be great to chat and get to know each other
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