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Looking for Older Mums in Ipswich Lock Rss

Hi, I am a 1st time mum that has recently moved to yamanto. I am originaly from the north side of brisbane, so i no longer have any friends or family in the area.

I have tried through the health clinic, but was told that only a club for under 25's was available.

I am 36 years old and would love to know if there is a group in the area for us oldies (ha,ha) ? If not I would like to know if there are any mums that would be interested in starting up a club of sorts?

Or if there were just any other mums that would like to get together for coffee and a chat?

If anyone is interested you can email me at: [email protected], I look forward to your responses.

Lynda & Calvin,QLD, 3mth baby


I have just found this web site in the last few days. I live at Eastern Heights not far from you. I am 30 y.o. with a 4 yr and another due November 29. Would love to chat and make new friends.

Hope all is going well with you little one.

Have you had any luck finding any groups for older mums?

Christine, Qld, 4yr, Girl

I would like to get together and have coffee and a chat but it is hard for me to get around as i do not have car. I live at Raceview in which is not very far from you at all and i would like to start a mothers group.


Hi Lynda

Have just come across this thread. I'm also a first time "older" mum. I'm 35, with a 10 month old daughter. I do feel a bit like the odd one out sometimes! I thought first time mums in their 30's were more common these days ?? Maybe we are, just not on this website.

Anyway, would like to get together for a baby club. I'm at Camira, about 20 mins from you.

Will send an email, i'll put "Sophie's mum" in the subject line.

Regards, Maree smile

Sophies Mum

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