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Gold Coast Mums who want to meet new people Rss

Karen_Barcoe wrote:
Hi Ladies. I have just moved to mermaid beach gold coast one week ago from Ireland with my husband & 2 year old daughter Ruby. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good mother & toddler group around the mermaid beach area and walking groups in the evenings? Its kinda scarey here because i dont know anyone.


Hi Karen,
I moved here last year (I'm from NZ, hubby is British), didn't know a soul either! we have 6 yr old son, 1 yr old daughter and one on the way. There a few Facebook groups about, I've just recently joined one myself ( ) but other than that, I'm a bit unsure about other groups! There are quite a number of walking groups that meet round broadbeach area too. I sometimes go with a friend to her group at a park on Wednesdays with a lovely bunch of mums too! The Robina library does some littlie a music classes (free) which are really popular also.
I would love to meet up and suss out some others together if you are keen!
Hi there

thanks for the information. I would love to meet up with you for sure,that would be great. Do you live near mermaid beach? Here is my number if you want to text me with what time & day suits you 0420 799 904. i am available anytime from monday to friday. I dont drive & i am very unfamiliar with the area but i can use the bus if we need to meet half way smile) hope this is ok. Oh & congrats on your pregnancy smile
Thanks! I'm in Robina, about 10-15mins from you. More than happy to drive smile ill text you shortly. Might be a good idea to remove your number from here just incase (I've put it in my phone smile (just press edit on your post).
Speak soon!
Hi ladies, I have a facebook page called Gold Coast Mums - Northern End. We are a group of mums who meet up face to face for playdates/coffee either just one on one or in a group format.

Please feel free to join my group. Looking forward to meeting you lovely ladies and your kids. xx

Not sure why, but can't seem to find the page.. Any chance you could send a link? smile!/groups/253543981454... this a link to a group for mums and bubs gold coast smile
Hi ladies im a mum to a beautiful 3 year old boy. I live in Burleigh waters and was looking to meet some mums and their toddlers for play dates. I don't mind driving...just don't know many mummas with toddlers and it's always more fun for the little ones when they friends to play with!! smile
Well i would dislike, my cp to come house and see it like this just cause i have been out. Especially now that, he is operating 5 tasks i should spend the day washing so that he walking into a awesome position.
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