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im renee and i have a 7 week old son jakson, my body is starting to feel tired and run down again after birth and tomorrow im going back to hospital to get my gallbladder removed and would love to pamper myself a little. does anyone know of a great place to have a couple of hrs of pampering? like a day spa retreat or something... i live in elanora.

Renee,Gold Coast

Hi Renee,
I have heard the day spa at the Sheraton Mirage is really good although it is the opposite end of the coast to you. Probably fairly expensive too. For Mothers' day this year we got my mum and MIL a gift voucher at a place in West Burleigh Shopping Centre (Stocklands, where BigW is). It is called 'Spring Spa and Skincare' and you can get all sorts of packages. We got them a facial/massage package for around $75 and they both said how wonderful it was.
Hope all goes well with your operation tomorrow and you are not out of "action" for too long. By the way, I work in Elanora!!!!
Take care,

My babies are all grown up sad

hey rennee,
good luck with your gallbladder op. i had mine 2 weeks after a caesar... it was so painful and i think i would even go as far as to say it was worse than the caesar.. keyhole surgery shouldnt be so painful!! let me know how u go

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