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Mum's in Queensland that have been wrongly accused by the Department of Child Safety Rss

I know this is not a happy subject if you have experienced the brutality of the Department of Child Safety.

Just recently, my husband and I were accused of deliberately hurting our 6 month old child when we took them into the hospital because we were concerned for her wellbeing. We were investigated by the police and custody was taken from us, where we were unable to see our child at all.

While our child was in hospital, the Department of Child Safety was unlawfully authorised by a Queensland Magistrate to perform any medical test on our 6 month old. Many invasive tests were performed where our child was sedated and injected with chemical ajents for unnecessary testing.

I am really wanting to get in contact with some people who have experience to this outrageous behaviour from a government department that is suppose to be "looking out for my child's best interest' while wrongly under their custody.

This matter is being taken to the highest ministerial level at present and please be aware that if you wish to remain anonymous that is completely up to you.

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I wish to know that I am not the only one who is going through this, and want other parents in Queensland to know the same.

Please help us bring the Department of Child Safety to justice for all the injustices that they have performed on my child and other families children in Queensland.

Very Concerned Mum QLD


I am sorry my heart goes out to you for what you and your family must have gone through and are probably still going through, I wish that i could help in some way, I have not had to deal with this personally but my sister in law had twin boys and when they were younger one of them had an accident and they were being watched, supervised and under suspicision while the boy was in hospital I am sure every conversation was being listened into as well, there was talk of taking the boys from them and we were looking at all the legal avenues and looking into taking the boys ourselves so at least they were with family, thankfully in the end it did not come to that, but they have to be careful as it is documented and I am sure that everytime the boys are taken to the doctors this is all documented. It is so cruel, the ones who are really hurting their children are getting away with it and those of us who are innocent and looking after our children and they have an accident or whatever are being prosecuted for nothing they need to go after the real abusers not innocent parents. Hope this helps you a little, sorry I am not much help but I do feel for you and hope that the matter gets sorted out for you!!

i'm really sorry to hear about your story. Please keep us informed. Have you still got care of your other child?

At present yes, but they are trying to remove her also. The infuriating thing is that they only tried to remove our other daughter when they medical profession said there is no evidence of abuse for our daughter in hospital.

Very Concerned Mum QLD

what was wrong with your daughter in the first place to make them suspicious of you if you dont mind me asking?
I'd like to know too!


Im sorry you are haveing to put up with is crap.
I do know what you are saying & feeling as the crap happend to me.
With all the crap was happeing at the time i was preg with E.
anny way i was wrongly accused.
But what gets me so dam mad is the ones that are doing it get away with it.
And ppl like us get wrongly accused for some thing we did not do.
And because all ther crap they put me through E had to be born befor her due date as she stop growning because of all the crap they put me throuh. Thats what my gp said and she called them and said back off and leave mrs N alone, you have got this girl up set and blood prisher up becase u can back off.
What happend was my 8 yold said i had hit her with a bealt,and that i dont giver her a bath + lots more grrrrr.
I said this because she wants to live with my ex but he dose not want her and told them what miss 6 told us ans now my ex can not call or see the kids.

I do hope they back off and let u be.
I will pm u my email addy and im here if u want to chat anny time.
And 9 months latter the said how she is not in anny dangger what so ever the casse is now cloed. i was like about time but im still so MAD that they can just get away with wrongly accuseing some.

Liz(♥mumof5girls♥) . I Love my family

I am so sorry to hear that these things are happening to families.

I had an "incident" January last year, although it didn't go anywhere near as far as yours have. Our son was 4 months at the time and still being breast-fed. He was classed as failure to thrive, and was admitted to hospital weighing only 500g more than he was at birth. I wasn't aware that I was supposed to be having regular checks at the clinic being a first time mum and so didn't get him weighed. He'd always been a long, skinny baby (he is now a tall, skinny 2 year old) so we weren't worried. My MIL was worried and on our backs about his weight. He had been putting on weight, but then we noticed he was limp one day, wanting to sleep all the time. We were booked in for the 4 month needles but the GP took one look at him and said he needs to go to hopital because he is underweight. We took him up there and the Dr who saw us barely spoke a word of english, yet had the nerve to mention many a time that he Child Welfare (or whoever it is) would need to be called in. I was hysterical, couldn't stop crying from the time I found out he needed to go to hospital and here was this Dr almost accusing me of doing this on purpose. Thankfully we got it all sorted and the Paediatrician we saw was wonderful and kept insisting that it was not my fault.

I know it's not quite the same things, but I have heard from a few ppl that the Drs at the hospital have threatened to call the Child Welfare (?) because their child was injured or hurt - NOT by the parents, but by the children being children.

All the best to you guys. Hope it works out in for you

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hi there i am not sure how to take your post i am sorry as i honestly dont know what to believe as i myself have had a very bad expirence in which my youngest son who was 7 weeks old at the time fell out of my rams and onto a concrete driveway and we were rushed to hospital where we found out he had a fractured scull and a small bleed in the brain and it was then that my friend brought up my oldest son to be with us as she had had him for the day when it happened at her y baby son was then loaded into a chopper and flown to brisbane mater childrens hospital and we all followed in our car. now we were told that as to the natuer of his injury and his young age that docs would be called in and i found them great as i have always been fearful of these sorts of places and it turned out that they were great they reasured me as i was a mess and everything was documented as i would have expected it to be and then they did one last check and wished us good luck with him and our other son and they left happy in the knowledge that we didnt hurt him in any way and it was a total very scary accident and that was it they were never rude to us at all never tested us in any way never listened in or anything that your describing they did question me and my friend who was there at the time he fell and my hubby as well and checked both our boys out and got the medical records and that was it they were very nice and supportive whilst still doing there job as i would expect them to do. we have never been investigated by them at all or seen or heard from them since that time. so given my own expirence i have to be honest and if i get shot down and abused then so be it but i believe that honesty is the best policy and as you cant say what has really happened as you said on your advise then i can only go with my gut feeling and mothers instincts and say that i dont feel right about your story that may be just cause your emotional as anyone would be or that your trying not to be judged and condemmed here and that i can also understand but to be honest it dont sound right to me. but either way i wish you and your family the very best of luck and health thanks from felecia

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

I got one thing to say about child safety and that is they suck. they come into my life after my daughter was molestered by our back neighbour whom i trusted with my life and accused me of not reporting it i told them to go check with the police as we were moved under police order when they informed housing to transfer us fast. And within a month of being here they were knocking on the door. They had nothing to get me for i do my best as a single mum my kids have never had a broken bone in there body and if they have a medical issuse it's dealt with and when my daughter was in for a hernia op i did a big no no and read her file and welfare had transferred my files to the hospital with about 3 more kids names on it that i have never meet or given birth to in my life!! i was shocked. My Case manager only would come round with his lunch and eat it and used to say i got no need to be here but we'll chat and then he left town without closing my case i got onto them 3 months later and asked what was going on 2 visits later i get a phone call asking me to go down to the office with the kids and they closed my case. Yeeha oh and just watch schools the kids just say something remotely kids being kids talk and they are on ur doorstep. Hope it all works out for u Keep ur chin up it will work out in the end then sue the bastards. Why pick on the good mums that are trying their best instead of all the druggie parents who only have kids to support their habit!!
I feel for anyone who child services tales a child off, especially if that child is loved & cared for. But at least this means hopefully they are investigating all of the mean & horrible parents + guardians who neglect their kids at the same time. And if those children get saved then it makes being looked at a little bit better if they find no abuse & realise that some kids are just accident prone. I broke my arm 3 times (Inc.a clean snap of my humerus) & consitinared my tibia all before I was 15, that doesn't include stitches or burns or any other injury I sustained. But nobody even asked if anything had been wrong with my home life (thankfully there wasn't.) But at least they now ask questions
Hi I have had some bad experiences this includes using someone else's records to take my children not completing a full investigation not looking at all the evidence and rufusing to look into their errors. I do myself wish to take case to some higher level but just not sure how to go about it. Please contact me if you want on
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