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Looking For A Play Group Lock Rss

Hi my name is Kelly I am 31, I have a son who is 16 weeks. I am looking for other mothers in the Mt Gravatt area with similar aged babies to form a informal mothers group/play group.
So if interested reply and we will go from there.

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane

hi! my name is Kelly, I am 30 and I live at Mt. Gravatt!! my son is a bit older, 12 months but if you don't think that is too much older i am definately interested! let me know!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi my name is kia and i'm 23 and my bubs a little older then yours,hes 8 months, but would be interested if you start something. We live at springwood
talk soon kia

kia, bris

Hi Kia
Sorry I haven't responded to your letter earlier, bub has been sick.
Thanks for responding to my letter, but I am looking for babies closer to my sons age.
Thanks anyway

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane

Hi Kelba
Thanks for responding to my letter, but I'm looking for babies closer to my sons age.
Thanks anyway

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane

Hi Kelly, How did you go with the informal playgroup? I've only just come across your posting. I'm 36 and had my daughter on the 28.07.03. I'm also looking to get in touch with other mums in the area as I'm a first time mum. I live close to Mt Gravatt.

Miriam,Qld, girl 28.07.03

Hi Miriam

I have had no luck yet with finding a play group, I have rung the Qld playgroup association but all the groups that they have told me about are either too old or all the mothers are on to their second baby.
Your daughter is close to Connors age so if you are interested in catching up and maybe starting a playgroup in the area you can e-mail on [email protected]

Kelly Mum to Connor Brisbane


I am also looking for another outlet for my son and myself! Thomas is 13 weeks old and we live at Wakerley which is 5 min from Wynnum, 10 mins from Carindale.

Iwould be interested in getting together if that is suitable - with the Gateway i can be at Garden City in about 15mins so we arent too far away!


Fee, Brisbane, QLD Mum to 2 boys.

kia if your looking for a good playgroup there is one that has just been started at springwood central state school on denise road at the preschool it is held on fridays between 9am and 11am
hi there
when did that start?? can you give me more info if possible about the group since i've never done the playgroup thing before i'm a little lost so more info about it would be a great help......thanks for telling me that as well i'm starting to go crazy being at u go there??


kia, bris

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