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Hi my name is Amanda and I live on the Northside of Brisbane. Just would like to know if there is any other mother, with prem babys that live on the northside.
I have an eight year gap between both of my boys and would like to meet up with any of you that have prem babys.

Please leave a message on this site, and I will get in contact with you in a couple of days time.

or contact me at [email protected]

Allo luv! Fancy running into you here!! Hey what do you think of the name Hudson Balin?
Hi there that name sounds great to me I really love that name.

Hey mandy wake up think about it mum of 2 Qld fiona B Who am I? Who else knows a hudson and who likes the name balin????? Lives around the corner..... Are we getting there???
Talk to you Tues arv after you pick up your son from school
hi my name is Bianca i live in bundaberg but i have 2 prem babies well they are nearly 3 and 2 now i had my children in brisbane and ther is a group called PIPA im not sure where its at but i know you can contact the royal womens hospital and they should be able to give you a contact number for someone they have meeting all over brisbane and they also have one at the royal womens too hope that helps you

mum to Levi, Paige & Isaiah

my twin gurls were 4 month prem

bree-ella and isabella 12/9 04 mikayla 27/10 07

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