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My name is Melanie and I am 20. I live on the north side of brisbane (bald hills) with my partner Ben(23) and our lil girl,Holly (9 1/2 months). I am looking to meet some other young mums that live in Brisbane aswell.

Melanie and Holly (9 months)

Hi Melanie,
I too live on the northside (Narangba actually) and have a 10.5 month old daughter, Ella.
I'm 29, but if you ever want to chat, email me on

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi melaine and loulou
my name is kia and I too live in Bris but on the southside. I have a almost 6month old little boy and I'm 22yrs old. If you'd like to chat my email is
hope to talk soon

kia, bris

Hi Melanie,
My name is Amanda. I live on the northside of brisbane. (Sandgate) my partner is 31 and we have two boys (1) eight and (2) our baby is 7 months old. he was born two months early. Hope to hear from you soon.
Hi Melanie, I'm 23 and live at Petrie with my husband who is 25 we have a 10 month old little boy, bradley. I am expecting my second in April 04. If you want to email my please do on

Hope to hear from you soon

Laura, Petrie Qld, 10mth Bradley

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