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Confused about Kindi and Pre-school starting age Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Having moved over here from the UK last month, I'm trying to come to grips with the schooling system that my little boy Henry (14 months) will go through. Please can any Mums out there help me with this? I'm confused about when he goes to Kindi and when he goes to Pre-school. I know that there are long waits on Kindi places and that I will have to queue up to sign him up for Pre-school, but does he go to Kindi at 3 or 4 and to Pre-school at 5 or 6? We are in Brisbane and there are talks of Prep replacing Pre-school, but he can go to Prep at 4 1/2, is this correct? Does this make Kindi redundant if he goes there at 4? Please, please can anyone help me work this out!
Thanks so much.

Fiona, QLD, Mum to Henry 14 months

I live in SA but I'm sur if you contact your nearest primary school they will be of help for you. As in SA kindy starts at 4yrs and school at 5yrs I'm pretty sure the same would apply for Brisbane. But if want to you can place your child in a private day care centre but some have long waiting times for them.

Over here in W.A. it depends on what half of the year their birthday is. If they turn 4 in the first half of the year they can go to kindy bit if they turn 4 in the second half of the year they have have to wait till the next year. Same with preschool, if they turn 5 in the first half then they can go but if they turn 5 in the second half then they wait. Then all the grades follow suit.

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

Fiona, welcome to brisbane. As far as I am aware our little people are turning four and go to kindy, which is only offered privately by child care centre's or crehe & kindergartens (c&k's). The age for pre-school is the year they are turning five for government pre-schools which are attached to most government primary schools and year one is when they are turnng six. Prep is only trialing in some schools, private and public, so you're best bet is to contact schools you are interested in your child attending and go from there. Sometimes it is easiest to go for a childcare centre or a c&k and they will put your child on the right course to a consistant education which will benefit your little man. Both of these centre types offer individual observing and a clear analysis of where your child should be and it wont confuse you or Henry when he starts year one. But book soon!

Hope i didn't confuse you any more.
hi fiona im also a pom where abouts are you from hope this doesnt come out twice i've already sent yu one post but i think the computer booted me off. Any way i have a boy whos turning 4 in Feb and has been going to kindy since he was 2 last year i booked him into pre-school for 2005 when he turns five i live in Tanah Merah so connor is going to Kimberly Park great school i love to chat if you get the time sharyn.


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