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Getting Depressed!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi my names Vanessa, I have 2 boys aged almost 3 and 14mths. I feel like im having a big whinge now but i am feeling a tad lonely.I have speny yhe last few years focussed on 1st marriagehusband and then my kids. Now im finding my marriage is a bit rocky and i dont have any friends, It never mattered to me before but now i would love to have people to chat to...Dont think im making much sense. Dont even really know why i amposting this....having a bad morning in a poor me mood..
OH Vanessa,

keep your chin up.....

Hope your day gets better.

Lee, twins + 1= 3 boys

Hi Vanessa, don't worry a big whinge always makes me feel a bit better! It can get very isolating at home with the kids all the times, especially when you slowly lose contact with friends. If you want someone to chat to feel free to email me or add me to msn @ [email protected]
mcnessa, (((HUGS))) to you,

are you a SAHM??? maybe it is time to get back out in the world and have time for you and adults to talk to through the day? Even if it is just 2 days a week?

I was feeling that way a lot when I was at home, but I have just gone back to f/t uni this year and although I miss DD heaps and rush to pick her up every day, I feel so much better having something for ME! Hubby is happier to since I am not on his back so much anymore

Girl, April2005

Hi Vanessa

I do know what you mean. I have 2 boys ages 2years and 8 months. My youngest is very demanding and sometimes it does feel like it gets on top of me. I recently moved back to Brisbane and miss all my friends and feel very lonely at times. If you want to chat just send me an email [email protected]

Take care
Hi Vanessa I know exactly what you mean although i have 5 kids. My youngest is nearly 14 months time flies!!

Drop me a line if you want my email is [email protected] and if you have msn make sure you add me and we can chat.

Take care
And tomorrow is always a better day
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