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2 children under 2 Lock Rss

Hi my name is Tracy. I am 37, and my fiance Brian and I live in Brisbane and have 2 beautiful children, Mathew (15 months old) and Katelyn (12 weeks old) I would love to have some e-mail pals. I enjoy chatting about anything but would love to speak with other mums who have 2 children close together and how they cope, as some days I am not doing too well,
Hope to hear from you at [email protected]
Tracy smile


Hi Tracy, I am new to this, so here goes.

I have a 2 and a half year old and a 8 months old and I feel like I am going insane. I have started working full time and don't mind staying back at work so that I don't have to attend to everything at home. My husband is great and baths the kids and cooks dinner and just helps me heaps. But the problem I am not coping with is that my 8 month old boy is so clingy at the moment that I have to make sure everything is ready in the morning and have a shower before he wakes up, otherwise I can't get ready. So you are not alone, there is other mothers out there that is not coping, and I am not blaming post-natal depression, but just feel like screaming sometimes.

Reply back soon



My names Tracy too and soon will have two under two i'm due with my second in September my Son will be 19 months old when the next baby cames along excited yes but i don't know whether i'll cope. i suppose you have too. i work casual which is hard i could never work full time it just way to hard i don't know how you do it. When i do go to work my son becames terrible clingy too. but i love nowing that he does actually miss me! Sometime i think mums just don't know how to stop and we just have to work that one out i haven't readed any books about just stopping for mums yet. HA HA
Good luck with it all i will soon find out what its like to have two under two i know that it will work out 1 day.

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

Hi Tracy, my first son was 7 months old when we started trying for a second, thinking it would take a few months as I was still breastfeeding 4-5 feeds per day, it worked first go, so I had 2 under 2. I was really scared of how I would cope as my first didn't sleep at night time until between 6-7 months old (thanks to Tresillian), luckily though my second son started sleeping through at 5 weeks, we also had to move house when my second was 1 week old. They are now 3 in Sept and 16 months. Coping just happens day by day some are good some are shocking, terrible two's are an experience all to themselves. talk soon

Michelle, 2 boys, 2 3/4 and 17mths

Hi there Tracy, well I certainly know what it is really like I have 11mths and 1 week between my 2 boys and I must say that before cooper was born I was very scared at how I would cope but you just take one day at a time and you are fine. Bailey is turning 2 in August and Cooper is turning 1 end of july. Also I believe I may very well be pregnant now so that means I would have 3 under 3. My main concern is how will I walk around the shops and if they will fit in the car. Well I will just wait to see what happens. By the way my name is Dee, 30yrs old and live in Vic. I take the boys to playgroups since I have been doing this they both have come on great. If they are around up there it is defiently worth looking into you get to meet other mums and the kids get to interact . But again don't despair be thankful you have 2 healthy children and remember we have our off days too so do they, just go with the flow.

hope to hear from you
Hey everyone,
Its me, how slack am I. I totally forgot that I left this post here.
So thanks for all your replys and I will answer everyone asap but have to dash as i am in the process of dying my hair and Mathew starts daycare tomorrow so I have to name tag all his clothes and things - scarey experience, I am going to go through seperation anxiety not him,
speak to you all soon and thanks again,
TRACY smile


hi i hve 3 boys when the 3rd was born the oldest was 3 days off 2.5 so 4 a while we had 3 under 3 so i know where u r coming from my eamail is [email protected]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi i'm katherine and i live in Caboolture (northside). i am 20yrs old am married and have to girls there 1 and 2 yrs. there only 13mths apart. at the moment we are living in a tent because we are a low income family and can't afford the rental prices. my husband has a job he has been there for 5 yrs but his boos wont give him any work he might be lucky to get 3 days a week. what does your hubby do? in a few years we want (mostly me) to try for a boy. but this time i'll wait until my 2 girls are toilet trained and can make there own breakfast so i can sleep in after being up all night with a new baby, hahaha. i think the hardest thing would be having the energy racing around after them and cleaning up all the mess they make, do u agree? anyway bubs is crying hope to here from u

Qld, Mother of 2 Girls.

Hi Tracy and everyone,

my name is Danielle, I have two girls who are 2 and 1 they are 12mth 2weeks 2 days apart from each other.

I would be happy to chat with you all about what it is like with 2 under 2 and comparing notes with people on how you get through the days.

My email address is [email protected] Please feel free to chat, as I would to chat and meet some new mums.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

hi tracey

my name is cassie

i have twins gurls there 2 and im due next month to have baby number 3

bree-ella and isabella 12/9 04 mikayla 27/10 07

Hi Tracy,

I just read your post – I don’t get much of a chance to look here. I am due any day with B2 and have a 21month old boy, Lachlan. I’m 35 and I have met some other ladies via another site in a similar situation/age and we try to catch up every now and again. I’d be happy to keep you in the loop if you are interested.

Where do you live? I’m in Gordon Park on the North side of Brissie.

I’m keen to get into the ‘mother /play group’ thing for some sanity sessions and meet more people plus it makes such a difference seeing the kids interact.

Anyway, if I don’t reply for a while it just means I’m having the baby but will definitely get back to you.

I tried your email address but it bounced back to me.




Hi there

My son was 18mths when my twins were born so I had 3 under 2. My eldest is nearly 4 and twins are now 2 1/2.

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