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marborough surrounding areas? Rss

hey girks ive been on this site for ages now but as maryborough's so small its hard to find mums

anyone out there who lives close to maryborough???

my DD is 11 months now

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I am in Bendigo! My name is Kate.
I actually live near Hamilton, (Western Victoria), but my family are from Stuart Mill, near Avoca. We travel there heaps. We often stay with my brother and his family, who live in Natte Yallock.

How's the weather over there? Pretty dry hey!

Bye for now,


Robyn, mum to Montana,18-10-03 + Diesel,26-3-06


I live in Maryborough!!! I don't really know many people here, was part of a mothers group but everyone went there own way.

It would be nice to hear from you
hello im kylie im 20 and i have a 14 month old son hayden, i just moved to avoca about 2 months ago and i have been finding it hard to make new freinds, would love to chat or catch up for coffee or somethng

speak to u all soon kylie

***haydens mum***

Oh my....wish I had of joined this forum months ago! I lived in Maryborough (my parents live there also) but we moved to Castlemaine 4 months ago.

Im desperate to make some friends!
I live in Maryborough and don't know many people with babies my age. I am 26 and have 1 daughter Emily , who is 2 and 1 on the way, due in March next year.


[Edited on 18/10/2008]
Hi Karlei ,

I live in Castlemaine and Im a few years younger then you but would you like to chat ?
I have a 4 month old daughter who was born in Maryborough smile

That would be great. My Pop lives in Castlemaine but I don't get over there as much as I would like to. Why did you move?



oh yay grin
We moved to Castlemaine because my partner had to work over here.
Do you have msn or something ?
No i don't.
Sorry haven't been on.


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