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Hi everybody! Lock Rss

Hello, huggies just emailed me about this site and i have decided to join! wow its very purple here isn't it! lol!

Is this a new site? parents exchange i mean?
Well I am 29, live in victoria and have a husband and a 7 month old son. and I am an at home mum!

I''d like to hear everybody elses bio's! thanks!

7 months

Hi there! Firstly I have no idea if this is a new site as I only joined not long ago.

I'm 26, I also live in Vic and have a hubby and a 6 1/2 month old baby girl named Madison. Like you I am a stay at home mum and loving it. I hope to have (try to) another baby by the end of the year, if I have the energy that is!!!

And yes this site is REALLY purple.


I'm another victorian(melbourne), I'm 30 and have a 6 1/2 month old son called Joel, who has just started crawling and is getting into everything!!
My husband and I also want to try for another baby soon.

hope to chat soon.
Hi Xan! Isn't it exciting when their about to crawl! Well at least Joel is crawling. Madisons trying her hardest. But it is all fun to watch. Anyway if you want to chat about our little joys email me on: [email protected]


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