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Hi my name is Skye and I'm 26. I have a beautiful daughter named Madison and she's 6months old. Wow! It's hard to believe she's growing up that fast. Soon she'll be walking and talking. How exciting! It was really hard for me when I found out I was pregnant because I really didn't think I would make a good mum and plus I had a social life going on and I didn't want to lose that. But if you saw me now you would never have guessed. I love her more than life itself and I am truly grateful for my little miracle because I do realise that there are women out there who can't have babies.


hi skye:smile i'm new here as well, my name is lorraine, i have 4 boys, & a beautiful daughter called aimee, she will be 7mth old on friday, just yesterday she said dada 4 the first time:)...i'm so excited as becoz i hahave for boys, it's gonna be really strange looking at a lil girl growing up ( i can't wait) i luv the name u chose (madison) luvly name,....take care....lorraine btw: i'm 37)
Hi live in SA and have lived in Geelong then in Summerville most recently. But I was born in SA and have all my family over here. Can I ask where abouts do you live? As I still have many friends over there that I stay in contact with. I like to chat and have put my email addy under Adelide chats.
hi my name is kylie .I'm 25 and have a daughter named chloe who is 4 months all . She is keeping me on my toes i love being a mum . watching them and how they grow with every day and all the new things they do is so great .

kylie mum of chloe

hey skye, i know you posted ages ago but i oly just saw it now. how is your lil girl? she would be one by now yeah? what's she up to? i am in melbourne ... where in vic are you from?

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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