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  5. how many people come here from warrnambool way?

how many people come here from warrnambool way? Lock Rss

just wondering how many people come to this site that are from warrnambool or surrounding areas?
Hi Nat,

Maybe just me.?!!
Well, Warnambool is about 2 hours away....

See ya!

Robyn, mum to Montana,18-10-03 + Diesel,26-3-06

I am in Apollo Bay but even that is 2 hrs away. Geelong is closer. I love warrnambool, I wouldn't mind moving there one day when I eventually finish my teaching degree.
I have 4.5 mth old daughter.
hi karen what is your lil girls name? my daughters name is caprice. i have never been to apollo bay but we are thinking of going for a drive down that way next week so maybe finally i will get to see it what is it like there? any good attractions?
Hi, I haven't visited this site for a while now, sorry!! My daughter's name is Tully. I like Caprice. It reminds of the Holden Statesman Caprice. I like holdens!!!! smile
I spose you already came to visit the Bay. Hoped you liked it and had a good time. It is a nice place to live, relaxing and a good place to bring up kids. But only one school to choose from, lack of shops and limited job/career opportunities. But all places have advantages and disadvantages I s'pose.
If you came to Apollo Bay Easter weekend, the weather has been nice so that lucky.
See ya.
Hi I am from hamilton which is an hour inland. we travel to Warrnambool every second weekend to pick up mr husbands daughter and do a lot of shopping there as well.

Mother of 4, 2, and 1 year old

hi about an hour from warrnambool and im about an hour from apollo bay i have a 4month old little girl

Bianca,Vic,Tahlz born 17/12/04,Olivia born 4/1/07

Hey twinkletoes,
I am not realy close depending on the side of Warrnambool you are but I am at Penshurst, which is the Warrnambool side of Hamilton.
im in warrnambool

Hi Nat,
I'm a Warny gel, with a two year old and expecting in 20 weeks. Question: did you buy baby stuff down here, or go to Geelong or Ballarat etc? We seem to have an incredible lack of baby equipment retailers in Warrnambool, which doesn't help when I'm looking for a twin pram!

oh steph how exciting i would go to geelong or ballarat but have you tried Golly Gosh? They are a bit on the dear side but i think thats the best place to get a double pram in w'bool
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