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Is it just me? Lock Rss

I don't know but maybe it is just me.
The situation at the moment is this. I have a one year old and a one month old. I live in a shared house where my two girls and I share a room. It's quite cosy but no big stress because soon we will be able to afford a place of our own. In the meantime it has been great for the company.
The man who the house belongs to has an eight year old daughter who thinks she's going on 24. Don't get me wrong, I love her just as much as my own children since we've known each other since she was three.
Does anyone out there have anything like this situation because the problem is she is driving me bananas!! She is of the opinion that she can tell me how to raise my two daughters, who are both babies. She takes it on herself to tell off or discipline my one year old with no cause. Is it just me??
Should I have to constantly worry that if they're together in a room without adult supervision even briefly that my one year could get hurt?

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

Forgive me for saying this but under no circumstances would i leave eithor of your children alone with your friends daughter! The next time she tries to discipline or tell you how to raise your children i would be telling her very firmly that she is only 8 and it is really not her place to tell you what to do.
Good Luck.
PS I can't believe your in this situation....i find it amazing that a child would tell a mother of 2 how to do things!

mum of 1

Hi Jo,
Thankyou for your comments and no apology necessary. If I didn't want opinions or comments I wouldn't have put out my message about the situation here.
It's not easy when her dad allows her to get away with everything rather than be firm with her but I'm not about to have my girls turn out the same way where they think they can get everything and tell me what to do next. That's never been my plan as I don't think it hurts children to learn respect for their elders (something the 8 year old knows nothing about).
I just know it will be alot easier when we're in our own place. If I don't want to answer the front door I don't have to, you know?.
Anyway, thanks again. It's made me feel better about the fact that at least I have the patience not to scream at her about everything she's doing to my one year old.

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

hello busybee!! You must be one of the most patient and tolerant people on this earth! I have a 4 month old son, and let me just tell you, if an 8 year old triedto tell me how to raise my son, (or tried to discipline him herself), I'd have no hesitation in telling her to mind her own business. She sounds like a spoilt little girl as far as I can tell. I definitely would make sure not to leave YOUR kids alone with her ... I'd be very worried about what she might do to them. Good luck with getting your own place ... at least then you can feel comfortable in your home! Without worrying about your childrens safety ... from your friend's daughter!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Brandons mum...You're the second person in as many weeks to say I must be patient. I don't know maybe its patience, alot of the time I think I'm just plain stupid for being in this position in the first place but there was no option up until now to have a roof over our heads that wasn't going to cost too much. Thankfully with the help of family and friends I'll be moving into a place of my own in about four weeks and can't wait!! Things have only slightly improved around here but I don't allow my kids alone with the 8 year old. Good luck with your 4 month old little boy and thanks for the feedback.
Take care

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

Can you talk to the 8 year olds Dad about it? Surely it is his job to keep her in line???

Good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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